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Practice Policies

Simple are the things we ask you to do. Be at practice, participate with your best effort, be your best at the fundamentals, be on time, be honest, be respectful, respect yourself, respect your family, respect your coaches, respect your teammates, respect officials, respect competitors, honor the sport, honor competition, make a commitment to doing your best, enjoy the process of being your best, enjoy the sport, enjoy being an athlete, be true, enjoy the willingness to accept risks and endure failings. It is simple, but not easy!!

Not easy! And that’s OK! We only ask that you recognize, understand, and have patience in going through being your best at the simple things. It is in the not easy times that we experience our peak character growth. Look, Listen and Learn from your experiences! Simple, but not easy! But lots of FUN!

Rule #1: Text your group coach when you are late or not going to be able to attend
Rule #2: The swimming pool is our classroom.  The coaching staff humbly requests that parents sit along the sides of the pool and not at the end directly behind the coaches.  This makes some of us uncomfortable and does not allow the coach to be the authority figure on deck
Rule #3: Do not talk when a coach is talking.  Listen, even if the coach is not talking to you directly --- you may learn something!  Also, it is disrespectful to your coach and team mates to be chatting when a coach is talking.  Parents, please help us reinforce this at home.
Rule #4: Always shower before you get in any pool.  This is a State Law and our facility managers appreciate our effors to keep pool water clean!
Rule #5: When arriving late, never enter into main sets without a coach-interpreted warm-up.
Rule #6: Always, always do a  serious cool-down set upon finishing.
Rule #7: Never impede another's progress, get out of the way at end walls especially.  You shouldn't be on them anyway!
Rule #8: Do not walk on the pool bottom unless specifically instructed to do so by a coach.  This is not the walking team, it is swim team!
Rule #9: Respect each other's capabilities, limits, individual difference and reasons for participating.
Rule #10: Always practice technique as if you were in a championship race.
Rule #11: All sets should be done as instructed by the coach.  Warm-up should be accomplished straight through with no stopping.
Rule #12: Make sure you have ALL appropriate equipment before entering the pool.
Rule #13: If equipment fails, train without it.
Rule #14: Always attend, commit to, and look forward to contributing to team meetings and always look for opportunities to lead.
Rule #15: If you have an injury-type pain or illness immediately notify the coach.  Always listen to what your body is telling you.  Never try to swim through injury-type pain without the coach's approval.
Rule #16: Always ice injuries immediately following practice.
Rule #17: The use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs is against Team Code of Conduct and will be dealt with in a zero tolerance manner.

"W.I.N. -               What's Important Now!"     -- Lou Holtz