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Velocity Pride

It is easy to quit without pride.  Pride is something that has to be developed.  The better person you are, the harder you work, the greater your sacrifice, the more pride you will have.

Are you proud of yourself?  If not, why not?  Eliminate the negative elements of your life and push towards the positive; towards a goal.  Strive to become the best person, the best student, the best swimmer/diver, the best teammate, the best friend that you can become.

You will not gain any pride from a half-hearted performance; whether it is in practice, or in a meet.  There never was a great athlete who was a good loser.  Someone who loses may be a good sport, yes; but not a good loser.  Good losers lose often; maybe that is why they are good at it!

When two swimmers have:

Equal natural ability

Equal preparation

Equal conditioning

Equal concentration

Equal reaction to pressure

Who will have the edge?  Who will win?

The answer is simple:  the athlete that has the competitve greatness.  The individual who is at her very best when the very best is needed will conquer.  The one who loves a hard battle, who refuses to lose will win --- the one who has the most pride.  No matter what happens to you this season, never let anyone take your pride.

Extraordinary performances come from ordinary people who give a supreme effort.  Do you give a supreme effort everyday? Don't let today slip away.