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2021-2022 Dues & Fees

Annual Per Swimmer Fees



Billed in



USA Swimming Flex Registration



September (or first month)


Required by USA Swimming, 2 swim meets maximum per swim year allowed

USA Swimming Year Round Registration






September (or month of registration new swimmers only)


Required by USA Swimming, no limit on swim meet attendance

Velocity Administrative Fee

All Groups

September (or month of registration new swimmers only)


Velocity administrative fee used to help offset administrative costs of the team

Dues Offset (Fundraising) 







This is a per swimmer charge that can be reduced via fundraising.

Late Registration Fee





Returning swimmers registering after September 30, 2021


Returning swimmers are expected to register at the beginning of the new swim year (September 2021).  A late registration fee will be charged to any returning swimmers who do not register during the month of September.


Training Fees

Training fees for each group are outlined in the table below.  Training fees are charged to your account on the first of the month and are due by the 15th of the month. 

Practice Group


(11 equal payments Sept - July ** WAHOO See Special cases below) 


 (billed monthly for the months you swim only)

Paid In Full Upfront

(5% Discount)




$1463.00 (High School)

$1672.00 (Year Round)

















Training Fees: Special Cases: High School Athletes

High school athletes participating in high school swimming through their respective high school must be registered with Velocity for the 2021-2022 season and will be required to pay a $50 per month maintenance fee to the team during their high school season.  This fee will allow high school athletes the ability to continue to train with Velocity during their high school season, attend USA Swimming sanctioned events during their high school season, will maintain their place on the team, and will allow any high school times achieved during an OBSERVED meet to be counted towards their USA Swimming times.  Maintenance months for girls swimming are September/October 2021.  Maintenance months for boys swimming are December 2021/January 2022

Training Fees: Special Cases: College Athletes

College athletes who will be attending college away from home, but who want to swim with the team during their breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring break) must first register with the team for the 2021-2022 swim year ($100), with the team, dues free, during their break.  Please contact the head coach ahead of time to make sure there is space available.

College athletes who are learning remotely and want to swim with the team will need to register with the team and pay their monthly dues, just as any other year round athlete.  If they return to school at some point, they just need to let the team know ([email protected]) and their account will be put on hold and no dues will be charged unless they return to the team full-time (such as in the summer)

College athletes who want to swim with the team in the summer of 2022 must register for the 2021-22 season and pay full dues for the months they are in the water.

Other Charges/Fees



Billed in



Team Cap

Month of purchase

$10 Silicone

$12 Dome-pro

Swimmers must wear our teal swim cap when participating in meets

Team Suit

Month of purchase


All swimmers are required to wear Arena brand suit during meets.

Swim Meet Surcharges


Month of meet

40% of coach travel cost

If fewer than 10 swimmers
attend an away meet and
want a coach to travel with
them, they will need to split
40% of the coach’s per
diem travel fees evenly
between the attending

Credit Card/ACH Convenience Fee

Every card transaction

$0.30 per transaction, plus 2.95% of the total transaction amount

If you choose to pay your bill by Credit Card or ACH transaction, your account will be billed a convenience fee to help offset merchant fees

Late Payment Fee

16th of month when account past due


Please keep your account current to avoid late fee charges

Unworked volunteer hours

Month of home meet

$25 per unworked hour

Please volunteer at our home meets to avoid this charge

Dues Offset/Fundraising (Installment/Paid Upfront Swimmers only)


To help keep our monthly training fees reasonable, we ask families to participate in fundraising for the team. Each swimmer who is swimming year round (installment or paid up-front)  is required to raise a minimum of $250. Seasonal swimmers and Minnow swimmers do NOT have fundraising requirements.  There will be fundraising opportunities throughout the swim year.


Important Billing Information

  • Training fees (dues) are AUTOMATICALLY charged on the 1st of each month in our online TEAMUNIFY billing system

  • Training fees (dues) are NOT prorated for partial months. You pay for the full month. No exceptions. No refunds.

  • You MUST email [email protected] by the 20th of the month to notify our billing department if your swimmer will be out of the water the following month. Once dues are charged on the 1st, there will be NO refunds.

  • Payment is due by the 15th of every month

  • Late payment fee: $25.00 if payment is not postmarked by the 15th.

  • Velocity will assess a $35.00 fee for NSF checks.

  • Your invoice is available to view anytime during the month by logging onto the team website.

  • Payment can be made by setting-up AUTO PAY to draft on the 1st of each month to your checking/savings account **, or to a credit card **. You may also pay by check mailed to the team’s P.O. Box listed on our website.

  • **Convenience Fee for ACH/Credit Card Transactions:  If you pay by ACH (direct withdrawal from your checking account) or by credit card you will be charged a $0.30 per transaction fee plus 2.95% of the total transaction amount for each credit or ACH transaction.