Thank you for your interest in the Walla Walla Swim Club! 



Whether you're brand new to the sport, have years of competitive experience, or are new to the area, we'd love to meet you and get you started with WWSC!



Tryouts are held by appointment.

To schedule a tryout or get more information:

Please email our Head Coach, Erika Miller, at [email protected]   

NOTE:  Swimmers wishing to schedule a tryout should have at least completed American Red Cross Learn-to-Swim level 4 or equivalent, and have taken at least 1 session of level 5.  

Alternately, if they have competed on another swim team, or a summer league program, they may schedule a tryout.

Swimmers who are transferring from another team:  Please schedule to meet with coach Erika.  She will schedule a tryout to see which practice group would best fit the swimmer.



Tryouts take approximately 10 minutes where swimmers will be asked to perform the following skills:

1. Swim 25 yards/meters non-stop freestyle with side breathing (rhythmic breathing)

2. Swim 25 yards/meters non-stop backstroke with rhythmic arm stroke, staying relatively horizontal on the back for the duration

3.  Swim 25 yards/meters non-stop breaststroke, turning feet out during kick.  

4.  Swim at least 1/2 pool length using butterfly

5.  Dive head first into deep water and glide to top

6.  Perform a front somersault in the water



Please contact our Head Coach Erika Miller to schedule a tryout

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:   509-525-8863 ( Walla Walla YMCA) and ask for Erika Miller