WALLA WALLA SWIM CLUB Grievance Procedure provides swimmers, parents, coaches, club leaders and employees a system to address and report grievances in a productive, systematic way.

Following these Procedures provides the appropriate parties a means to properly investigate, intervene, and take disciplinary action when needed.  

How to Report a Grievance:

WWSC asks all to take the following steps in when addressing a grievance:

  1.  Walla Walla Swim Club encourages all parents and athletes to first approach the Head Coach with any concerns or grievances.  Our Head Coach, Erika Miller can be reached at:  [email protected]  or 360-969-516
  2.  Should the head coach not be able to be reached, or if the grievance is with the head coach, we ask you to contact our Board President Jae Luengas at:  [email protected]
  3.  You may also contact our Walla Walla Swim Club Safe Sport representative, Leslie Snyder at [email protected]
  • If your grievance deals with bullying, sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and/or sexually explicit or inappropriate communication through social media, physical abuse, emotional abuse, criminal charges, and use, sale or distribution of illegal substances:

Please immediately contact our Head Coach, Erika Miller and our Board President, Jae Luengas.  Our head coach and/or our board president, and Safe Sport representative Leslie Snyder will help you address your grievances expediently and confidentially.  Reports of this nature will also be reported to the US Center for SafeSport. 

How to File a Report with USA Swim.