Updated 04/18/21

Welcome to the Bearsharktopost. This section of our webpage is being constantly updated. The date counter above shows the last time this page was altered. You will also receive an email when  important information has been updated ( ~ Updated ~ )or added ( ~ New ~  ). This is our program bulletin board/ newsletter and a constant source of information. 

 ~ New ~  Current Practice Changes in February 2021

Notice for these time changes will be sent out in a reminder email each week. 

  • No cancelations at this time

 ~ New ~     Meet Sign-up Available Until Friday April 16th!!!

FRST Early Summer Slam is now available for registration. We are trying to get sign-ups in as quickly as possible for this meet. They have an open registration and we are guaranteed to attend this meet.

 ~ New ~     Meet Sign-up Available Until Friday April 20th!!!

2021 FAST 500 is now available for registration. We are trying to get sign-ups in as quickly as possible for this meet. They have an open registration for this meet, but this does not guarantee our acceptance to the meet. We will still be weighing options for which meet we will be attending on that weekend.

 ~ New ~     Meet Sign-up Available Until Friday April 20th!!!

Irish Aquatics May Invite is now available for registration. We are trying to get sign-ups in as quickly as possible for this meet. They have an open registration for this meet, but this does not guarantee our acceptance to the meet. We will still be weighing options for which meet we will be attending on that weekend.


 ~ New ~     Meet Sign-up Available Until Friday April 20th!!!

MSC Spring Invitational is now available for registration. We are trying to get sign-ups in as quickly as possible for this meet. They have an open registration for this meet and our team's acceptance is guaranteed

 ~ New ~     Meet Sign-up Available Until Friday April 20th!!!

NASA Summer Invitational is now available for registration. Registration for this meet and a meet packet are available. This meet will be one of three meets we are deciding on for that weekend.

 ~ New ~     Meet Sign-up Available Until Monday May 21st!!!

Titan Firecracker Classic Meet is now available for registration. Registration for this meet and a meet packet are available. This meet would be our third option for this weekend.

 ~ New ~    Summer Meet Available to USA Registered BASC Members

All BASC swimmers will have the option to swim in this summer's long course meet at home. Swimmers do not need to be registered for long course to attend. This meet is themed and will be a ton of fun. BASC will be hosting this meet annually to help young age group swimmers get a chance to get long course experience. 

 ~ New ~    Summer Swimming Information is Out!!!

All summer league and long course information has been released. If you are a member of the CASC Seacats Program, registration is now available. Meet schedules as well as meet registration & parent job sign-ups are also available. Apparel and digital parent meeting to follow soon.

CASC Seacats Summer Registration

Long Course BASC swimmers can find the currently proposed meet schedule available under the events tab on the teams home page. Check the events listed below to see where we are presently at with each individual meet as far as acceptance. This section will update daily as we get new information. For parents that are new to looking at our event schedule: sometimes you will see multiple meets scheduled on a weekend. This can be due to several reasons (entry restrictions or limitations, first year attending a meet, number of officials to provide, etc), but we will end up picking a meet for those dates. You may also see a first meet/second meet option show up on occasion. We presently have a few confirmed meets and registrations already available. 

LCM Meet Acceptance Center 

  • 04/31 - 05/02 - FRST Early Summer Slam - We are accepted. Meet Packet & Procedure Power Point Available Now. As well as registration. Meet sign-up due 04/16.
  • 05/14 - 05/16 - FAST 500 -Meet File and Registration available now. Meet sign-up due 04/23.
  • 05/14 - 05/16 - IA May Invitational - Meet File and Registration available now. Meet sign-up due 04/23. Sign-up for this meet does not mean we will attend at this location on this weekend. Awaiting Acceptance.
  • 05/14 - 05/16 - Valpo Spring Classic - Meet Packet Avilable Now. Awaiting more information
  • 05/28 - 05/30 - MSC Spring Invitational - Accepted. Meet Packet and Registration Available. Meet sign-up due 4/23
  • 06/11 - 06/13 - The Great Water Wars of 2021- Home BASC hosted meet. Available to all usa register members. Awaiting a few final decisions but meet packet available and registration open.
  • 06/25- 06/27 - Titan Firecracker Classic - Meet packet and registration are available. This will be the third option for our team on this weekend.
  • 06/25- 06/27 - NASA Summer Invitational - Meet Packet Available and registration open. First Entries Due April 30th. Then we have to wait for acceptance. Meet is available first come first serve.
  • 06/25- 06/27 - THT Summer Steam - We usually attend this meet but no information is available and we expect this meet to be very limited. 
  • 07/09 - 0711 - Possible Second Home Meet or Travel Last Chance Meet??? - More information to follow. Presently weighing options.

 ~ New ~    BASC Return to Dryland & Changes to Schedule

Swimmers will be allowed to begin attending dryland Friday April 16th, returning to our normal structured practice times. There will be a change to younger swimmers groups. Dryland will be open to all swimmers Cubbies through B-2 Octopus on any days scheduled. Please check dryland schedule on the "Practice Schedule Tab."

 ~ New ~    Helping BASC Advancing into the Future 

  • Meets
    • Moving into the future, BASC will be hosting more meets. This will include one to two full size invitational meets during the winter; three 12 & under single session developmental meets in the winter; one to two summer meets; and the occasional championship meet. These advancements will grow the race experience side of our team for younger swimmers that do not travel to as many meets while providing room for recreational growth in our program. Financially, this will greatly improve our teams ability to advance in training equipment and maintain a high coach to athlete ratio at meets and practices. Hosting meets is a mandatory for any established program. As BASC grows out of its infancy this year it will become a major team, focused on growth through the next five years.

  • Officials
    • In true ", If you give a mouse a cookie fashion.", with meets comes the need for officials and growing admin-level officials. Officials provide our team with two major benefits. First, when we travel to meets, our entry to meets is directly affected by how many officials we can provide. The number of officials helps us get into better events and gets us into hotly contested events. Second, they make home meets possible. Home meets will foster almost forty percent of our teams future revenue. Our program, unlike other swim programs, requires very little parent responsibility to operate. This is by far the most important parent involvement section of our team. Many teams lose revenue, the ability to host meets, and face closure frequently due to not having officials. Please help us by getting involved with the meet-hosting side of the team to help build the future for all our athletes.

  • Recruiting
    • Age group swimmers are the core of a club swim program. It is very important that BASC families assist in promoting and recruitment of new athletes to the program. In general, most swimmers will quit club swimming by the age of fourteen. Some will move on altogether from swimming, still earning health and life skills. Others will continue on swimming for summer league and/or high school programs. With the expected loss of a minimum of fifty percent of our youth athletes, it becomes extremely important to keep a steady influx of athletes. This allows our program to support aquatic development in the community by teaching kids to swim while providing a safe and fun environment to develop life skills in their youth. We understand that elite travel swimming is not for everyone, but we want to support all swimming the best we can. In addition, a strong base of age groupers supports our older and elite swimmers financially. These swimmers receive the most coaching, dryland, & water practice time for the cost of membership dues. For our program to keep providing a higher standard and possibilities for elite athletes, we must also create and make that standard available to all levels of our program regardless of specific interest in individual participation. Please do what you can to help promote the team to age-group level swimmers. It is the key aquatic success in our community.

  • High-School Rates
    • Next Fall, IHSA High School Swimmers will see changes in their dues. We will be adjusting member rates for these swimmers to offset the loss of membership during those months. BASC membership rates are set to cover the cost of the swimmer across the season (Shark 9mo. $1305 vs. Shark 6mo. $870). Advanced swimmers receive the most coach attention/time, the most in water and out of the water training, and take up the most travel and office hours to run. More details and information will be coming out in the fall, along with payment plan differences and options for the new due set-up for IHSA athletes. As our program is coming out of its infancy and expanding, we are looking to the future to support our program's financial stability and lock-in team rates.  Moving forward we are trying to establish financial security to protect the stability of our fees and rates as we all see changes in the next few years.


  • Sponsorship
    • Sponsorship needs to become a team priority moving towards the program's ten-year mark. This is not necessarily for funding purposes, but for showing community support and involvement. Most BASC future income lies in membership dues; meet hosting; and swim-a-thon, but it is nice to have an influx from sponsors. This money will help us target specific team needs and/or major equipment purchases. We are not looking for members of BASC to be sponsors. We will accept and appreciate internal sponsorship, but is not our primary goal since our families already do so much to support our programs. Our goal is to connect with sponsors to show community support of our programs. BASC parent marketing committee will help us move forward as we develop a strong sponsorship program. 

  • Parent Committees
    • Parent Committees are becoming a more and more important part of BASC. Currently, the team is coach owned without a booster program. As we continue to grow, parent volunteers become a important component to delegate team growth that is connected to the community outside the pool. BASC requires parents (one member per family) to volunteer on one committee every other year to keep their athletes membership in good standing. Next fall, committees will target members from each location to be represented equally on certain committees. Parent committees are designed to support the team in matters not affecting competition or training, but rather affecting the growth, development, & stability of our program. We all have a vested interest in our children's development, and this is where our parents can directly support their interests for both their children and all future children that come into our programs.

 ~ Updated ~  Bearsharktopus Cleaning Out the Closet!

We are selling leftover apparel at a discounted rate! Prices and availability are posted below. If you are interested in purchasing these apparel items, please email [email protected] This list will update as items are sold so be sure to check back. 

T-Shirts - $5

Longsleeve Shirts- $8

Hoodies- $10

Navy T-Shirts:

     1 adult mediums

Grey T-Shirts:

     2 youth large

     2 adult mediums

Grey Longsleeve:

     1 youth large

     1 adult larges

Grey Hoodies:

     1 large



BASC uses several apps and social media platforms to keep you updated and informed about the team and what's happening. These platforms are listed below, make sure to follow our BASC social media pages! Check out our YouTube Page and make sure to watch for content throughout the year!

Instagram- For meet pictures and updates you can follow us on Instagram at @bearsharktopusaquatics. 


Facebook- Follow our Facebook page for meet photo albums and updates. Sear 'Bearhsharktopus Aquatics' and then hit the 'Like' button for us to show up on your news feed! 


Youtube- Subscribe to our YouTube page to get notifications on new videos being posted. Here you can find things like fun team videos to a day in the life of a BASC swimmer! 


OnDeck- OnDeck is an app offered by USA Swimming that helps parents and coaches track practices, best times, time standards and much, much more.


Discord - We will be making the change from Ez Talks to Discord this season. This app is available for download on your phone, tablet, and/or computer. BASC will use this app for all its virtual meeting in the 2020-21 season.


Voxer - Download this messaging app on your phone to better reach coaching staff at practice or meets. Voxer allows the user to quickly send CB style messages between users. Along with several messaging options. 


Meet Mobile- Meet Mobile is a third party app that allows families and swimmers to track progress at swim meets. After downloading the app and paying a small subscription fee, parents can search for a specific meet, and then watch their swimmers results in real time.This is especially great for families who don't attend the meet or swimmers who would like to view their splits before meet results are released. This app is available for both android and apple users.


Deck Pass for Parents, Swimmers, Officials and Coaches- It is required that all officials have a DeckPass. DeckPass is a USA swimming login that can be used to see stats, rules, and keep officials up-to-date on any testing they may need to compete or renew.