Bearsharktopus Aquatics Parent Committee Sign-up

Here parents can find out about volunteer positions that are available and sign-up to participate. Committees are organized focused parent task forces. They are targeted to building a stronger program and advance the team for all swimmers and members of the BASC family.  Please feel free to sign-up for as many or any of the groups listed below. Sign-up by contacting coaching staff by email. Thank You for supporting the growth of the team and investing in our athletes.

Parent Volunteer (This is Mandatory Section For All Families)

New Policy Change Parent Committee Policy -

Volunteer In Your Stead policy - Due to everyone having busy schedules and not always being available for team events, this policy allows families the ability to send a volunteer in their stead (this could be a grandparent, aunt, uncle, babysitter, etc). Thus, completing volunteer component for team participation requirement. All you need to do is notify the coaching staff with persons information.

Parent Committees Sign-ups (committees are first come first serve, you are not signed up until your name is listed here)

To sign-up email - [email protected]

Swim Meet Committee - (No Positions Left Open) - Help organize and help run swim meets. Normally this would fall under a medium level of involvement, but this year will be a bit more involved due us having to host more meets due to Covid-19. Requirements couple in person meeting and attendance at meets. 

  1. Karen Westbrook
  2. Shannon Brady
  3. Laura Crater
  4. Cecile Becker
  5. Jamie Malcom

Swim-A-Thon Committee - (No Positions Left Open) - Help organize and run swim-a-thon. Position requires emailing and organizing the event. As well as a single day of volunteering.

  1. Jon Vinzant
  2. Stacey Valentine

Team Marketing Committee - (Unlimited Spots Available) - This committee is the most common volunteering position due to least amount of work involved and the most positions available for sign up. The position requires one in person meeting and any additional participation will be done remotely or through email. 

  1. position still available
  2. Emily Smith
  3. Robyn Engstrom
  4. Lisa Smothers
  5. April Durbin

Recruitment Committee - (No Positions Left Available) - BASC will be opening up to actively recruiting now that we have more space. This committee is responsible for developing recruitment ideas and implementations. Requires one in person meeting and all additional volunteering will be remote.

  1. Amanda Gardner
  2. Ashley Koster
  3. Jen Flatt

Team Social Committee - (No Positions Left Open) - We have organized team events outside the pool in the past. This committees focus is to come up with ideas and plan events for all levels on the team. Requires one in person meeting and all additional volunteering will be remote.

  1. Angie Harms
  2. Jodi Speiser
  3. Leanne Bonitzer

Previous Years Families that registered on a committee during 2019-20 - 

Jason Jones, Ashley Koster, Kelly Mullen, Robyn Engstrom, Lynette Bobb, Angie Harms, Scott Farley, Mike Canny, Jodi Speiser, Mark Ruscin, Lisa Fortner, Michelle Mclaughlin, Lauren Tomko, Leigh-Ann Standefer, Shannon & Tom Brady, Mary Schneider