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Welcome to the 2020 Bearsharktopus Aquatics Swim Club season! 


We know this year has been strange for everyone, but we’re hoping that as COVID-19 precautions become the norm, we will be able to return to a practice regiment that provides some much needed structure for everyone. With that said, please always be on the lookout in emails and the Bearsharktopus for new information and procedures that apply to COVID-19, and as things can change quickly. 


We are also excited to announce that we will be practicing at Eisenhower pool this year! While we still hold a positive relationship with FitClub, we are moving to this larger facility in order to provide more space for our team to grow. Additionally, we will be continuing to expand our practices and programs based on the approval of our contracts. 


We apologize for the delays so far this year as we iron out the issues that come with moving to a new facility. We know that between COVID-19 and the new facility, there will be some issues that affect our athletes, but are doing our best to communicate with you as soon as we have information and we greatly appreciate your patience as we navigate these changes. 


Along with this new space, we will be able to host dryland practices unlike ever before. This year, we will have dedicated dryland coaches and online resources for swimmers. Dryland practice times and information will be released on the website (click here!) on September 6th. 


As a result of COVID-19, this year’s meet schedule is going to look different than in years past. We are unable to compete outside of our LSC (we will be staying in IL), and meets will be scheduled as dual or tri meets. We will also be hosting home meets! This year’s meet schedules and new COVID-19 procedures will be released on September 14th (here). 


Due to the changes in the meet schedules, it’s even more imperative than usual that parents sign up to become officials. Officials are integral to our team’s ability to attend and host meets. Not only do we need officials to host these home meets, but having a larger number of officials can help us get into other team’s larger meets, since we’ll be able to contribute to their meet staff. As mentioned earlier, we will be hosting home meets this year and without more parents volunteering as officials this year we run the risk of not being able to compete at all. 


We’re excited to see your swimmers and make some great progress this year, in light of these trying times. 


See you at practice! 

Bobby Allison and the Coaching Staff


Reminder: All new parents must watch both videos this year. Thanks!

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New Parent Meeting

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