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Letter From The Coach

Welcome, everyone, to the 2021-22 Short Course Season! BASC will be turning five years old at the end of this month. This program has supported aquatic growth in the community since its induction, as a stroke school in 2014 to the birth of what is now known as Bearsharktopus Aquatics Swim Club. We want to take a moment to thank all the families who have supported these programs and made them thrive. It is your continued support that will bring true change to local aquatic programs at all levels, teaching a great life skill while providing the opportunity for these young athletes to succeed in the world of competitive swimming. 

With success comes new responsibility for BASC. Providing the same quality of swimming for all of our athletes, even as our number of athletes continues to increase has become a primary goal of the coaching staff going into the next few years. Numbers have grown from twenty-eight swimmers in our first year,  to over one hundred going into our current season! In addition to this goal, BASC will also be trying to provide meets closer to home, with seven meets near home for our 12&Under divisions. This will increase the opportunity for younger swimmers to compete more often and build a stronger recreational program to support our competitive side. BASC has built synergy through all its programs providing training for swimmers that flows from one program to another;  BASL Bearshark Swim Lessons, Cubbies Pre Competitive Training Program; CASC Seacats Summer League Program; Bearsharktopus Recreational Program; and Bearsharktopus Aquatics Swim Club all work congruently to provide a stable training network for all aquatics training no matter the swimmers level.

For the first time in its history, BASC will be attempting to gain sponsorship from the community this season. Though the program is financially healthy we've grown very quickly, very fast. This has led to our team needing to purchase a few larger-ticket items to keep up with the growth and to be able to host larger events that will keep increasing our revenue. One of these items is a tunnel that will connect Eisenhower Pool to the Southeast Gymnasium in order to provide overflow seating for events. This will increase our ability to house more athletes. The tunnel and many other things that will help advance our programs can be found on our sponsorship tab. 

Please take your time to read the Bearsharktopost very carefully this season. We have had to make many changes across the board this season for many reasons, which is why we will be having group and location meetings to go over what your family needs to know for your athlete. We know there is a lot of information on our web pages and it can be confusing to know what applies to you. To further combat this issue, we will be hosting "Ten Minute Monday" to fill you in on all that is going on weekly with BASC, along with some tips and tricks to make you a better swim parent.

We are so excited to get back at it and cannot wait to see all the kids back at the pool!!! 


Reminder: All new parents must watch both videos this year. Thanks!

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