Welcome to the Officials Corner! 

Officials are an integral part of BASC's ability to host and attend meets! The more officials we have, the easier it is for us to not only host our own meets, but also attend other team's big meets because we'll be able to contribute officials. Here's some information about what it takes to become an official, and the first steps to how. If you have any questions, please email the chair of our officials committee, Shannon Brady.  


Officials Corner (Most Important Information & Necessity of the 2020-21 Season)

As we begin to host our own meets, we need more officials!!!! Especially this year! Due to COVID-19, we will only be allowed to attend dual and tri meets, meaning we will need to provide even more officials from our team. Parents that would like to become officials can visit the Officials Corner. The Officials Corner will have all the information needed to become an official, including dates and resources for online certifications.

Currently Signed-up Officials - Kelly Mullen, Ben Kirchoff, Mike Canny, Jodi Speiser, Shannon Brady, Tom Brady, Leigh-Ann Standefer, Mark Ruscin, John Vinzant, Tais Farley, Ryan Guhlstorf, Robyn Engstrom, Chad Ely, Shannon Cowgill, Kristen Hayes, Jennifer Bekker, Steffanie Ryan, Graham Malcom, Amanda Gardner

If you are listed above and need help or have not begun the process of becoming an official yet. Please contact us to get you started as quickly as possible.


Here are the basic steps to becoming an official:

1. Create an Account


     *Note: Please make sure the account you are using is not linked to your child's USA Swimmer member record. If you had set up a Deck Pass account to access a child's information, you will need to create a new separate account for yourself that is linked to your own USA Swimming member account. If you don't already have a USA Swimmming account, create an account first (find the button in the upper right corner and follow the steps to create an account). 

2. Attend an officials clinic. 


3. Complete test that follows online training.


4. Complete a Level 2 Background Check

5. Complete Athlete Protection Training

6. Complete Concussion Protocol Training

7. Email Completion Document to the IL Swimming Office at [email protected]

8. Complete on-deck sessions by shadowing a certified official. On-deck training consists of 5 sessions (with a completed card for each) completed over 3 meets and with at least 2 different trainers who have been certified Stroke & Turn Officials for a minimum of 12 months. The sessions must be at least two hours in length, all four strokes must be contested and have 25 or more heats.

    *Note: Email the meet referee from  the meet packet to request a training opportunity. 

9. Print the following a take it with you to your training session.

Once your training is complete, send your documents vis email to the Illinois Swimming Officials Committee at [email protected]

Other information:

  • No more than 50% of an individuals on-deck training sessions may be done by officials from
    other than the Illinois Swimming LSC
  • On-deck training sessions are done with trainers who are certiifed by the Illinois Officials Committee will count as 'in LSC' training sessions, regardless of the LSC sanctioning the meet.
  • Trainers must have been an official for at least one year for the training session to count. 
  • Administrative Officials must serve 4 sessions in a calendar year, while all other officials must serve 10 sessions a year to maintain certification.