Bearsharktopus Aquatic Swim Club

 Wondering what to bring to your first swim meet? What the experience will be like? Watch this video! 


What to Bring:

  1. A swimsuit, cap, and googles! If possible, bring extras of each, it's not uncommon for caps and googles to break during a meet. Swimmers will be expected to wear team caps for the duration of the meet, but any racing swimsuit can be worn (this is just a suit that is tighter than your practice suit, worn only for racing). 

  2. Several towels. Always bring extra towels so you can stay warm and dry during the meet. 
  3. Warm clothing. Bring socks, shoes, sweats, and extra clothes to wear to and from the pool. 

  4. Water bottle or other sports drinks and healthy snacks to stay fueled during the meet.

    5.  A positive attitude and your game face! 

 NOTE: Please do not bring toys, books, games, or electronics to a meet (with the exception of earbuds and a music player for before your races). 


At the Swim Meet: 

Each swim meet format, time-line, entry costs and competition level are different, but the following are some basic guidelines for swim meets:

  1. Know in advance what events you are swimming at the meet. Your events will be decided by the coaches, and can be found in your BASC Account or by using the OnDeck App. Can't find them? Check our Tutorials page for help! 

  2. Know what time warm-ups start for your age group. This can be found in the meet packet as well as in Bearsharktopost emails that are sent out leading up to the meet. 

  3. Arrive early so you are on time. Your swimmer should be dressed in their suit and ready to go 15 minutes before their assigned warm-up time. This also ensures that you get a great seat to watch your swimmer's races! 

  4. Once on deck, swimmers should find the rest of the team, take a seat, and wait for their warmups to begin. Parents should also sit together as a team in the stands. 

  5. Parents should be encouraging of their swimmers, but please leave the coaching to the coaches. 

  6. Swimmers should not bring any distractions (ie: books, games, toys, or electronics) to meets. We expect all BASC swimmers to be on deck cheering and/or watching races. Swimmers can visit parents and family members during the meet for short periods of time but are expected to return to the deck in the time allotted by the coaches. Swimmers must check in and out with coaches when they wish to leave the deck. 

  7. After warm-ups and between races, swimmers should put warm clothes on over their swimsuit. It's also important to wear socks and shoes to avoid losing body heat and energy

  8. Stay away from junk food! Have swimmers bring healthy snacks like fruit, energy bars, etc. It's also important for athletes to stay hydrated: bring a water bottle, Gatorade, etc. Avoid energy drinks and caffeinated beverages, as they contain diuretics and can cause sugar crashes. 

After the Meet:

  1. Results: Results for the meet are usually posted at the pool during the meet. They can also be accessed on the Meet Mobile App as well as the OnDeck app once they are finalized. Be aware that times can take 3-5 days to be uploaded after the meet ends. 

  2. Goal Sheets: Swimmers will be expected to keep a goal sheet containing their best times, goal times, and time standards that they will update throughout the year. After each meet, swimmers will be expected to update their goal sheet and check it with a coach. 

  3. Awards: Awards are picked up by the coaches at the end of the meet and distributed at practice. Normally, only 1st through 6th place in each age group recieves a ribbon. Keep in mind that there are multiple heats in each event and while what place the swimmer finishes in his/her heat is significant, it probably will not correspond to what place ribbon he/she will recieve. Try to help your young swimmer to keep this in perspective. They may swim a meet and not recieve any ribbons. Place emphasis on the improvement of the swimmer, not what place they finish in the race. 


BASC Travel Code

All BASC athletes are expected to abide by the following rules, which are in effect throughout the year. Some of the items refer specifically to team travel. Additionally, anyone who, in the opinion of the coach or coaches, acts in a manner that would interfere with the travel objectives listed below, will be subject to immediate return home (at the expense of the parent and/or swimmer) and other punishments including barring from future travel meets or other competition or dismissal from the team.

The Bearsharktopus Aquatic Swim Club LLC (BASC) will seek out of town swimming competition for the following reasons:

  • Different individual competitions;

  • A higher quality of competition;

  • Experience in trials/finals competition;

  • Conditions conducive to exceptional performances.


1. BASC athletes will travel individually to meets with their parent or car pool by their own arrangements.  Everyone is expected to behave in an exemplary manner; the reputation of BASC, as well as the other athletes around you, is dependent on your behavior.

2.   The coaching staff holds the final word on any rules, regulations, or disciplinary action.

3.    The consumption or purchase of alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco, or use of any illegal drug or substance of any kind will not be allowed. In addition, any team member found or suspected to be in the presence of others (regardless of team affiliation) partaking in any of the above activities will be subject to the same punishments and probable expulsion from BASC. Any swimmer suspected of such activity will be reviewed by the head coach for disciplinary action or expulsion.

4.    At no times will male and female athletes be in the same room together with the door closed of different families without the guardians or coach knowledge or permission. This applies to BASC members or members of any other team.

5.    No team meetings may be missed. Be punctual to all meetings and warm-up times.

6.    No team member may be out of his or her room after the assigned curfew. Permission must be obtained from the coach to leave the room past this time.

7.    Any damages or thievery incurred at a motel will be at the expense of the swimmers assigned to that room, and further disciplinary action will be taken.

8.    No loud boisterous behavior will be tolerated in the hallways or public areas, and such behavior should be kept to a minimum in your rooms.

9.    All long-distance calls must be made on a personal mobile phone, on a credit card or collect.  No long-distance calls may be billed to hotel rooms.

10. All team members will polite in restaurants. Leave a 15% tip. If there has been a problem with the service, see the coach.