BASC Classroom Training Center


BASC Daily Classroom Bulletin Board  (All Swimmers)


Below, swimmers for ALL groups can find daily updates on what the need to complete and have prepared for their daily classroom training sessions.

  • A-1 & A-2 Sharks/ B-1 Octopus - White Slides
  • Cubbies/ B-2 & B-3 Octopus - Pink Slides




A-1 & A-2 Sharks/ B-1 Octopus Athlete Expectations

Below you can find a constantly updated PowerPoint presentation for swimmer's team requirements. These are expectations for swimmers in these groups out-of-water training. BASC does not require mandatory practice attendance, but we do require ALL athletes to keep up with following requirements in these groups. We can not provide all the necessary training for athletes while they are in the water. This gives swimmers an educationally active goal setting environment in which to grow and achieve.



BASC Lap Swim Practice for COVID-19 Stay-At-Home  (All Swimmers)


BASC has been put on break again due to COVID-19 mitigations. Below you can find lap swim practice for your individual groups. These practices are to be run in consecutive order and then repeated after the complete cycle is finished. Practices are set at forty five minutes to fit within lap swim availability at facilities. For information practicing times and procedures at these facilities please refer to the Bearsharktopost.


A-1 & A-2 Sharks:

(Practice 1). (Practice 2). (Practice 3). (Practice 4). (Practice 5).


B-1 Octopus:

(Practice 1). (Practice 2). (Practice 3). (Practice 4). (Practice 5).


B-2 Octopus:

(Practice 1). (Practice 2). (Practice 3). (Practice 4). (Practice 5).


B-3 & Cubbies:

(Practice 1). (Practice 2). (Practice 3). (Practice 4). (Practice 5).



BASC Google Classroom  (All Swimmers)


BASC new training program will be released after the new year. We will be using Google Classroom to presently during Covid-19. We will continue to use this program throughout the new year. Here we can continue the swimmers education virtually. It is BASC goal to have self-invested educated swimmers with confidence in their training. 

Classroom Codes:

Cubbies, B3, and B2 will use: hbakou5

B1, A2, A1 will use: 5pnxcx2  


 Individual Goal Tracker (All Swimmers B3 Octopus & Up)

BASC has recently introduced a Personal Goal Sheet!!! This goal tracker is for ALL swimmers B3 and up. The idea of the Personal Goal Tracker is for swimmers to come in and put down notes, questions, concerns, resources they wanted checked, pretty much anything that has to do with swimming that they want to talk about goes onto the sheet. This allows for us, the coaches, to be able to answer questions and help out our swimmers outside of the pool. On top of that it lets the swimmers see each other's questions and answers which has been helping with answering questions people didn't even know that they had. We'd also like to have the swimmers go in and type whatever goals they have for the future such as: the issues they notice with the stroke, how to fix this issue, and how to check themselves to be sure I'm keeping the issue in my stroke controlled. B3’s-B2’s are expected to update they're sheet once a week, while B1’s and Up are expected to be update about 3 times a week. As Covid pushed our team to try new training approach (see up above),we would recommend swimmers get they're tracker for shorter periods of time more often throughout the week to take notes and ask questions.

Parents are encouraged to be involved as well. Some swimmers may need help typing out their thoughts, or help looking for information on the page. We encourage you to help out and explore the page yourself. We do advise to help typing when necessary but when typing to Only type what the swimmer says. Help them out with word choice but the goal is for us, the coaches, to understand what the swimmer is thinking about when it comes to a concept. Encourage your swimmer to stay on top of the tracker sheet so they can get everything they can out of it.

This document, accessible to swimmers set goals for their year. Once on the document swimmers will need to find their name and begin typing under it. Their goals should include time standards they would like to achieve, anything in their strokes they would like to change including their flip turns, streamlines etc. Swimmers should also review their splits from their times at previous meets and review which part of their races they would like to improve upon.

2020-2021 Individual Goal Tracker





BASC Discord Virtual Meeting Platform (All Swimmers & Parents)

We begun the season using the Ez Talks platform and sampling a few other platforms. BASC has decided to make the change to using the Discord platform. Below you can find information on setting up and using this platform.

Discord is a server based chat system/platform. It allows us to use chatroom without number inputs. By being in a private server you can see the text and chat rooms available to you and join in at any time by click in the name of the text or chat room you'd like to enter.

The platform allows for the use of roles so swimmers can keep track fo they're specific messages and get notifications specific to they're group.

Parents can get involved too. Join with your own email and have full access to the server and be more involved with the kids. The platform is open to all swimmers, parents, and guardians on the team. Its an amazing open resource for swimmers alto talk and ask questions, with improved video connection speeds compared to easy talks. No more about requesting to talk as coaches have much more control in the server and chat rooms than any other chat platform out there.

We see this as a next step for our team in staying involved and together during these hard times. Swimmers get logged in and signed up!

Discord Webpage


Annual SafeSport Certification Course  (All Swimmers & Parents)

All swimmers must complete the Athlete Protection coarse above the age of twelve each year. Links for swimmers to complete their testing can be found in their classroom work. Parents are also required by both BASC & USA Swimming to complete the testing annually (one member per family). If you took this last year you must retake it for this years testing. Below you can find information on completing the USA Swimming Athlete Protection Coarse for parent members.

Parent Safe Sport Certification Steps -

Parents will need to complete these steps in order for us to receive our SafeSport Training Certification.

1. Complete the "Parents Guide to Misconduct in Sport" Training on USA Swimming's LEARN Program.

(A) Go to

(B) Scroll down to where it says 'Parent/Athlete Education'

(C) Click the 'Parent Training' Button

(D) Click the "Register' button at the top of the LEARN page

(E) Click the 'Create Account' button under 'Non-Member Access'

(F) Fill out the requested information, using Illinois Swimming as our LSC and select Bearsharktopus Aquatics Swim Club (BASC) under team name 

(G) On the next page, Click 'Courses' from there scroll until you find the box that says 'Safe Sport Recognized Club Courses'. Add them to your cart (the total should be $0), and check out.

(H) From here, click thee USA SafeSport Logo at the top left hand side of the page. This will take you back to the home page and give you the ability to start the parent education course.  Please complete this as soon as possible! If your athlete is between 12 and 17, please also have them complete the 'Safe Sport for Athletes' course that appears. 

(I) Please scroll to the bottom of this section and confirm course competition...


Athlete Safe Sport Certification Steps - (ALL Athletes 12 to 17 must take!!!

1. Go to

2. Input your information in the Member Education Box to find your account.

3. Check the parental consent box and hit the red "Go to Learn" Box once your account is found.

4. Enter your name and email address. Under LSC select the "Illinois Swimming" option, and under club name choose "Bearsharktopus Aquatic Swim Club."

5. Hit Update...

6. Once it says your information has been updated, go to the top of the page and hit the button that says 'Courses'.

7. At the top of the page, there is a course that says "Athlete Protection Training". Click 'Learn More' on the next page.

8. Click the 'Add to Cart' button and 'Checkout'.

9. Input your information. You WILL NOT need to fill out any credit card information to do this course. Continue to the next page.

10. Hit 'Place Order".

11. This page should take you directly to the Athlete Protection Course. If it doesn't, repeat steps 1-3 and its should open directly to the course.

12. Confirm Completion of Course