Bearsharktopus Aquatic Swim Club


How to Register and What's Needed

Billing and Payment Information

Cancellation/Suspension of Membership

How to Register & What’s Needed

Registration begins on August 15th!

  • Each athlete is required to register online at using the left-hand column on the webpage, called “Register My Athlete”

  • Registration fee and first month payment must be paid at the time of registration to be official, first payment will need to paid by credit card. 

  • BASC has open registration throughout the whole season

    • If your athlete begins after the September 1st, email b[email protected] to discuss first months billing and registration.

  • All BASC members should follow the pick-up and drop-off guidelines outlined in the Parent Meeting


Step-By-Step Registration Guide

Billing and Payment Information

BASC uses electronic payments, using either Credit/Debit Cards or Bank drafts but payments can be changed to checks upon request from family

  • Automatic Payment

    • This can be set up at the time of registration, switch the drop down option to 'yes' and your card information will be saved. The transaction will be run the midnight before the first of the month.

    • Automatic payment can also be completed after registration by selecting 'My Account' in the left-hand column.

      • Click on “Payment Setup” tab

      • Click “Add New Card” button

      • Enter Card information

  • 'On Demand' payments are payments made with your credit card on file, these payments can be made whenever needed. 

  • My invoice/payment- Payments are due on the first of the month. 

  • Transaction Fee- Credit/Debit cards will be charged a transaction fee of .30+2.95% of payment total, this fee applies to both On Demand and Automatic payments with a card​

  • Bank drafts- by setting up a bank draft you are authorizing BASC to draft the fees associated with your account on the first of every month. Set up a bank draft by selecting 'My Account' on the left-hand column, then click 'Add bank account', and then setup auto pay. Bank drafts have a transaction fee of $1.25 for each transaction.

  • Canceling automatic payments- If you would like to cancel automtic payments, please send an email to [email protected] at least a week before the first of the month you wish the bank draft to stop.


Cancellation/Suspension of Membership

BASC allows members to freeze or leave the program at their own will

Directions: Send an email to [email protected] and attach the below document at least before the first of the month when you want payments to stop to avoid waiting for refunds.

Cancellation/Suspension Form