Bearsharktopus Aquatic Swim Club

BASC Scholarship/Grant Assistance Program

BASC Scholarship/Grant Assistance Program

The Bearsharktopus Aquatic Swim Club Scholarship/Grant Assistance Program is available to athlete members of USA Swimming who are in good standing with the club. The intent of this program is to provide financial aid to those swimmers who consistently demonstrate a sincere commitment to maximizing their swimming potential. Funds are awarded by the Bearsharktopus Aquatic Swim Club Owner/Head Coach on a first-come/first-served basis and by the sole decision of the Owner.

Types of Assistance Available

• Partial Team Dues

• Paralympic & Special Olympic Swimmer also qualify for cheaper ISI Registration Fees



Application for funds should be made by the swimmer or parent to the Bearsharktopus Aquatic Swim Club Owner. The Owner will use the following criteria in awarding Funds:

  • Financial need​​

  • Swimmer must fully participate in team practices, mandatory swim meets, other events and activities. ​

  • Parents must complete a generous share of volunteer work at home and away swim meets. Expectation is that all sessions at home meets will be worked.  In addition, recipients shall be expected to assist at any other event the team participates in (i.e. triathlon). Scholarship recipients (parents/guardians) are required to report volunteer hours worked before any additional funds will be considered.​

  • Families must meet all fundraising and sponsorship requirements.  Fundraising funds will be used to replenish the scholarship fund. ​

  • Swimmer must show sincere interest in and commitment to competitive swimming.​

  • Coach recommendation (will be obtained by Head Coach/Owner).

  • All applications shall be reviewed before the start of the swimming season that the application was submitted for. When a decision has been made, a notification will be sent to all applicants via telephone, mail and/or email by August 31 of that year.​

  • Attendance and Participation at Practice. Scholarship/Grant recipients are expected to regularly participate in weekly practice sessions. Repeated weekly attendance of less than the required number of practices will result in the loss of scholarship.  Inactive periods for longer than 1 week without prior approval of the coach will result in loss of scholarship. If scholarship funds are revoked, dues are fully payable and any revoked awards will be returned to the general fund for redistribution to other committed scholarship/grant applicants.

Application Process

Scholarships/Grants are applied for, for each separate swimming season. The application must be submitted to the Head Coach/Owner by the Sunday before the first practice of the season that the Scholarship/Grant is to be used. Recipients will be notified by August 31 of that year. The Scholarship/Grants are limited to the availability of funds and are awarded on a first come, first served basis. A renewal application must be completed for each swimmer, each season. Each family must submit the following to the Head Coach/Owner.

1. Letter to Owner: A letter included in the application that states how much financial assistance is required (as a % of dues or a dollar amount), how the parent(s) have contributed to the team in the past/future and how much and in what fashion the parents plan to volunteer for the team during the current year, and acknowledgement of the practice attendance policy determined by each swimmer's coach.

2. Swimmer Essay: Each swimmer must complete the essay questions included on the scholarship application.



Misconduct, as defined by the BASC Policies, Bylaws, and Handbook or determined by the Head Coach/Owner is grounds for loss of scholarship.

The Head Coach/Owner reserves the right to revoke a scholarship based on parent or swimmer misconduct and/or violation of criteria of the scholarship.


A swimmer may reapply for Scholarship assistance as long as the criteria outlined above are met. Scholarships will be for length of season applied for.



Click here to access the BASC Scholarship/Grant Program Application