Bearsharktopus Aquatics Team Sponsors

Welcome to BASC team sponsorship area. Here potential sponsors can find information on becoming a BASC team sponsor. Below you will find information on our sponsorship packages, donor benefits, and sponsorship brochure. If you have additional questions on our programs please contact us any time.

Donor Sponsorship Benefits

Who will see my logo? - Sponsors have many options to get your logo seen by thousands of people. The team has four facilities ( Fit Club South & West, Eisenhower Pool, & Hillsboro Hospital/Fusion Aquatic Center). Team takes travel banners between five to six states a season. Social media presence is huge for our team including Teamunify, Facebook, and Instagram. 


Event T-Shirt Logos - All sponsors will get their logo on all team event shirts. 


Heat Sheet & Webpage Logos - Sponsors can get logo in meet heat sheets. Logo can also be viewed on team webpage at some levels.


Social Media Logo Coverage - Those sponsors who get covered on social media accounts will get their logo on all main pictures posted on any of our social media platforms.


Travel & Facility Banner - Sponsor Logo can be see on in facility banners at any of our location. They will also be seen on our travel banners.  


Individual Sponsor Banner - Donors at certain packages qualify for individual sponsor banners at our facilities. This is in addition to their spot on team banners.


Equipment Bin Logo - Sponsor can also get their logo on equipment bins that are kept at end of lanes at the pool. 


Host name for Major Events - Sponsors that that support team at the maximum level will get their name preceding any event title for an event we have.  I.E. - "Sponsor Title" Swim-A-Thon



BASC Team Sponsorship Program


Bearsharktopus Aquatics (BASC) is a local swim club in the middle of its fourth season as a team and as a member of USA Swimming. This team has grown quickly through its induction to competitive swimming, covering the the area from Springfield and the surrounding communities all the way through Southern Illinois, to our furthest satellite facility in the Hillsboro and Litchfield areas. BASC is a technique-based competitive swim program that is dedicated to the education and support of self-invested youth swimmers.  In our urban and suburban areas, this program was created to give swimmers of all levels a chance to compete. Prior to the existence of BASC, youth athletes were being pushed out of programs that were outgrowing their facilities, and swimmers were unable to train or not allowed on teams due to unlearned skills. In our rural communities, swimmers suffered from lack of training and the inability to keep programs running smoothly financially. BASC has since improved these athletes and their programs greatly, producing swimmers at the Regional, State, Zone & National levels of competition. The team even sent its first three graduating seniors to college this fall.


Donor support will allow our program to conquer the hurdles of a rapidly growing team, enabling us to secure the future success of our athletes. Additional funds raised through this years campaign will continue to strengthen our indoor short course season. Our Corporate Sponsor Program is available in several different packages that correspond to differing amounts of donations. All packages above the Bronze level will be a minimum of a two year agreement. Below are the different levels of Sponsorships and the benefits they offer.


Available Sponsorship Packages


Bronze Package ($100): The Bronze Package is our intro Sponsorship opportunity. This puts the sponsors logo on the current Swim-A-Thon t-shirt. (one year sponsorship)


Silver Package ($250): The next step up is our Silver Package. This puts sponsorships logos onto future event t-shirts as well as the current Swim-A-Thon T-shirt, a logo on future event heatsheets, as well as the team webpage. (one year sponsorship)


Gold Package ($500): The Gold Package introduces the sponsors logo in a 6” x 9” spot on the team banner, a dedicated place in our Sponsor Section of the team webpage and logos on all BASC social media. The Gold Package also includes the benefits of all prior packages. (one year sponsorship)


Ruby Package ($1,000): The Ruby Package gives Sponsors a larger logo placement on the team banners in each location, a dedicated 8” x 12” spot. This package will also include the benefits of all prior packages. (two year sponsorship)


Diamond Package ($2,000): The Diamond Package gives the largest individual sponsor logo at 12” x 12”.  Sponsors will be placed on a dedicated page in event heatsheets. Donor will also receive another banner on team equipment bins. This package includes the benefits of all prior packages. (two year sponsorship)


Platinum Package ($5,000): The Platinum Package is a full Team Sponsorship. This includes the Sponsors named used for swim meets, an individual sponsorship banner in all locations, as well as a travel banner that will accompany the team to meets and events. This package includes an extra year for the sponsorship term (three year sponsorship). This will also include the benefits of all previous packages.

BASC Sponsorship Brochure

Downloadable Brochure Copies - Page 1 / Page 2


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