Kaelyn Bess: My oldest son joined The Dolphins in the fall of 2019 and our family was quickly welcomed by an exceptional group of athletes, coaches, board members, and parents.  I have one son currently swimming and hopefully two more that will follow when they are old enough to join.  I have been a special education teacher for 14 years (11 of which have been at BBCHS).  I am the proud sponsor of the BBCHS Best Buddies Chapter, through my experiences with individuals with disabilities, I hope to encourage the inclusion of individuals of all ability levels in BBSC. Prior to 2017, I had coached competitive cheerleading for ten years, in which I gained leadership skills in both coaching athletes and also in working behind the scenes with our athletic departments and parents. As an employee in the building, I hope to be able to act as a liaison between BBSC, BBCHS, and also the high school aged swimmers.  As a proud member of our community, I would love the opportunity to work side by side with other dedicated parents and board members committed to ensuring that The Dolphins provide the best opportunities for our children to develop not just their swimming skills, but also those skills necessary to be successful teammates and leaders as they grow up.  

Ryan Brosseau: My name is Ryan Brosseau and for the last two years I have served on the BBSC swim board. My role as a board member has included looking over the Safe Sport program ensuring that our athletes are safe and that we as a group promote a safe atmosphere for our kids. My goal as a board member is to help provide a competitive and positive environment. I believe it is very important as a board to work with our staff, parents and swimmers to make this happen. I have two swimmers Ashlynn 11 and Kennedi 9. Helping the club move forward and being involved is important to my immediate and swim family. 

Amy Fritz: Our family started this adventure nine years ago when our oldest daughter joined the Dolphins.  Mike and I have really enjoyed being involved with the team over the years.  It has been quite the experience to watch our children grow and become the caring individuals that they are; with the help of their coaches and teammates.  Though Adrienne wraps up her final season with the Dolphins this summer, Payton and Collin have many exciting seasons ahead of them.

I have been serving on the board of our swim family for over four years.  Currently, I am the Vice President.  I would be honored to continue to work with the board and coaches in helping further develop our team, and strive to reach new goals.  I know we can work hard together through all of our changes and challenges.  I look forward to further contribute to the future success of our Dolphins.
Sarah Hemenover: Our family has been a part of the BBSC swim team since 2016. Not only have Mason and Ryan falling in love with the team and sport - so have Matthew (my husband) and I. We have loved every moment of watching our kids grow as people and athletes on this team. So thankful for our swim family! 
Currently I am a photographer and owner of Sarah Jane Photography, predominately serving the senior high school community. However, my background actually lies in education. I was a high school art teach for 10 years, coaching up to three sports a year (swimming, track & field, and bowling - yes, bowling). Creating environments that foster the growth and well being of our kiddos has always been close to my heart. I would be thrilled to serve as a member of the BBSC board.

Jeanette Kamper: My family joined the BBSC swim team in the fall of 2017, we were looking for a team that would help our children grow as swimmers and thrive at the sport they love. Since joining the team my kids have never been happier with the move we made. This is their second family, they love seeing their friends, love the coaches, and just enjoy being a part of this awesome team! The dedication and devotion that these coaches have for these kids is none that I have ever seen before. I currently am a SAHM, at least for another year, I am blessed that I get this opportunity for the time being, it helps with schooling and the kids never ending activities. I enjoy helping/volunteering wherever it's needed and would like a chance to sit on the board to further contribute to having this team be  as successful as it can be!

Bonnie Lewis: Back in 2018 my daughter Jamsion joined the swim team at 6 years old and immediately fell in love with the sport.   As I watched her improve as a swimmer and thrive in the positive environment that the BBSC provided I knew that we would be around for a long time. When the opportunity presented itself to join the board to fill a vacant seat a year and a half ago I jumped at the chance to get involved. Having served as the President of the BBSC for the past year I’ve learned a lot about the operations of the club as well as just how much work goes into keeping an organization like ours running. While the COVID pandemic hasn’t provided the “normal” swim season we all are desperately wanting to return I would like to serve another year on the BBSC board so that hopefully I can continue to use what I’ve learned to help navigate the changes that lie ahead once we move past the pandemic.

Amy McCrary: I am currently serving on the board and It would be my honor and privilege to continue another year of helping make this team grow! This past year I saw  just what an amazing team we have through all the chages and ups and downs.  

Our family joined the BBSC in the summer season of 2018. It has always been my nature to just jump in and help out where needed. The team was no different, I have always chosen to volunteer vs sit the bleachers. I feel strongly about parent involvement.  I have served on our Parish Council at church for 3 years and now help run the office there. I am self-employed full-time hair stylist of 21 years, a wife and of course mom of 2 girls Addison is 14 and Bria is 11.

Jim SiniawskiHello Dolphin Families! My name is Jim Siniawski and I would like to be considered for election as a member of the team board. My daughters, Sophia (10) and Claire (8) have completed two full seasons with the Dolphins and we have thoroughly enjoyed our experience. Our daughter Leah (5) will hopefully join this fall. My wife, Molly and I both swam on Lewis University’s NCAA Division II swim team. I have been a swimmer for the majority of my life starting around 10 years old. I was primarily a sprinter.  I placed 3rd in the IHSA state finals in 1999 and swam in many high profile meets throughout the Midwest.  I would like to offer my knowledge & experience of the sport to continue the ongoing success of the team. I have ~18 years experience in the heavy lifting and construction industry and I am a Project Manager at Chellino Crane in Joliet, IL.  I enjoy golfing, fishing, camping, and spending time with family and friends. My wife and I volunteer at our church and I have coached T-ball and Softball through Manteno Youth Softball and Baseball league as well as coached soccer through Manteo Youth Soccer Association.

The success of the Dolphins team is important to my family and me. As I reflect on the last year and the pause of sports, it brings light to just how important it is for my children to be able to not only participate but also grow in a sport they love. The benefits and skills swimming offers our children are immeasurable. I know a team takes a lot of moving parts, countless decisions and dedicated people. I believe I can contribute as a knowledgeable decision maker on the board. 

I look forward to my kids growing with the team and to when we can all get together again, as a team family.  Go Dolphins!

Tony Swafford: I've completed 18 years as a high school science teacher (13 here at BBCHS) and have coached youth athletics for 22 years.  I have served 1 year on this swim board and am encouraged by the way the board and coaches have created an environment of success and only look to keep that going.  As a current HS coach, rec league coach, and educator I feel I can continue to bring a large knowledge base to the board as the board and coaches continue to make the Fins a great youth organization.:

Jen Trudeau: Our family joined the dolphins in 2016, we could never imagine back then that the BBSC would become our swim family not just a swim club we joined.  It's a combination of many things that make this club a family, of course the swimmers, couches and families that share the same passion and dedication to the sport.  As a parent I'm so proud to see that passion, dedication and love for swimming in our daughter Isabelle.  I have enjoyed volunteering over the years whether on deck as a timer, running the board or planning banquets along side other parents.  I would love and be honored to add board member to that list so that I can further contribute to the continued success of the Dolphins.