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Swim Team Membership

Membership on the swim team requires payment of yearly fees, a USA Swimming membership, and a parent volunteer requirement

All of our registration is done through our web registration system. 

Helpful Hints:
  • If you are registering multiple swimmers, please be sure to register them all at the same time. The multiple swimmer discount will not automatically apply if the swimmers are not registered together and the "per family" fees will be charged each time you check out. If you did not register all of your swimmers at the same time, please contact Coach Melissa so the charges can be corrected.   (Multiple Swimmer Discount Does Not Apply to Modified 2020/2021 Fall Winter Season Due To Changes in Program)
  • If you are wish to complete the 2 week trialdo not go through the online registration until the trial is completed and/or your swimmer decides to continue with the program. We will not charge you until after the trial. Please fill out this online form before sending your swimmer to the first practice.  (Not Applicable to the Modified 2020/2021 Fall Winter Season Due to Changes in Program)
  • ​You will be able to make payments directly through the registration system via credit card. This will immediately be reflected on your account, which you can access by logging into the website with your username and password.
  • If you have an outstanding balance, you will be required to pay this as well when you checkout. Any credit on your account will be applied to what you owe for registration.  



USA Swimming Membership

A USA Swimming Membership is required for all registered members of Bradley Bourbonnais Swim Club. This membership is a full-year membership, allows swimmers to participate fully in all practices and competitions offered by Bradley Bourbonnais Swim Club for the duration of the membership. $81 for 2020-2021

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Fees & Discounts

Multi-Swimmer Discount: The first Swimmer is charged full proice, each additional swimmer will receive a $25 discount at registration. (Not Offered for the 2020-2021 Fall Winter Season Due to Changes in Program and Swimming Capacity)

Meet Fees: Most meets havea per-event charge (about $4-$5) and all meets have a $2 per athlete IL Swimming surcharge. The meet fees will be billed to our account once the entries are sent to the host club. Meet fees must be paid to BBSC, even if the swimmer is not able to attend. 

Late Fees: Invoiced balances not paide by 11:59 PM on the 15th of the month will be assessed a $25 late fee. It is the individual family's responsibility to check their account balance at the end of the month to be sure that all invoiced balances are paid. Autopay is available via Credit card, which will run on the 1st of each month and will include automatic payment of monthly recurring charges and non-recurring charges in the billing period. 

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Volunteer Requirements

Volunteer Four times per family. One volunteer positions must be at our hosted USA meet, Pentathlon in November or Sprint to the End in February. Signups are in Team Unify or On Deck App. Families can accrue multiple volunteer services at the same event if not filled by date on sign-up form. You must be at least 14 years of age to volunteer.   (Not Applicable During the 2020-2021 Fall/Winter Modified Season)

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Melissa Tyson  - Head Coach                              [email protected]

Ashley Porter    - Assistant Coach                       [email protected]

Carrie Rink    - Assistant Coach                           [email protected]

Jana Sheely    - Assistant Coach                         [email protected]

Beth Schurman     - Assistant Coach                   [email protected]

Holly Knupp    - Assistant Coach                         [email protected]

Karim Bouferache     - Assistant Coach               [email protected]

Nick Nemeth    - Assistant Coach                         [email protected]

Reily Kane    - Assistant Coach                            [email protected]

Cali Olshefski    - Assistant Coach                       [email protected]

Molly Siniawski    - Assistant Coach                     [email protected]


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Training Groups

Practice Groups: We have 6 practice groups. Our groups are based on ability rather than age to provide the most efficient and effective training to our athletes. There is a checklist for each group that determines where you start and how you move up to the next group. Here is a brief description of the different levels.

Red Group:

  • This is the beginner group for young swimmers 

  • Typical age Range (but not limited to): 5-9

  • Must be able to swim 20 yards freestyle without assistance

  • Can swim backstroke for 5 yards without assistance

  • Feels comfortable in the water (willing to put face in the water) 

  • Able to pay attention and behave for the duration of a swim practice

  • Does not need consistent help from the bottom or edge of the pool 


Blue Group:

  • Typical Age Range (but not limited to): 6-10

  • Focus on learning proper legal stroke in all four strokes

  • Focus on legal and proper starts, turns and underwater streamline.

  • Beginning to introduce yardage to build endurance.


Bronze Group:

  • Typical Age Range (but not limited to): 7-12

  • Legal in all four strokes; learning IM and the turns that correspond with it along with a continued emphasis on flip turns that were introduced in blue group

  • Beginning to add yardage and distance sets to the technique and drill focus that preceded this group and will persist in bronze practices

  • Can successfully complete the Test Set assigned by the coach


Silver Group:

  • Typical age range (but not limited to): 8-14 

  • Swimmers are able to focus on instruction for a moderate amount of time

  • Legal in all 4 strokes 

  • Swimmers can do flip turns and starts

  • Swimmers begin to build up yardage and work on their endurance while still focusing on technique


Gold Group:

  • Typical Age Range: (but not limited to) 11 & up

  • Advanced/Legal in all for strokes, including IM, in the corresponding distance for their age

  • Advanced Technique along with longer yardage, typically over 2000 yards or more per practice. Can complete with little to no breaks.


Platinum Group: 

  • This is the oldest and most advanced practice group

  • Typical Age (but not limited to): 13&up

  • Can legally compete in all 4 strokes, including IM, in the corresponding distance for their age

  • Can complete, with little to no breaks, most sets during practice 

  • Should be able to successfully make the “test set” given by coach

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BBSC Board: [email protected]

Bonnie Lewis

Safesport:  [email protected]

Ryan Brosseau

Registration: [email protected]

Bonnie Lewis

Meet Entries/AO:  [email protected]

Carrie Tapp & 

Tracy Doolin

Meet Director: [email protected]

Sarah Hemenover &

Jen Trudeau

Treasurer:  [email protected]

Laci Erickson

Sponsorships:  [email protected]

John Doolin

Awards:  [email protected]

Amber Glidewell


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