Illinois Swimming
Level 2

Blue Marlins Masters

Blue Marlins Masters is a masters swim team for ages 18 and older. Swimmers do not need to have a competitive swimming background but should have knowledge of the four competitive strokes: Freestyle, Breaststroke, Back Crawl, Butterfly. Swimmers also need to be comfortable swimming in deep water and for an extended period of time.

****Must Be a Member of the Buehler YMCA and USMS to be on the Masters team.****


Fall - September 29th- December 31st

Winter - January 1 - April 

Day Time

Must Be a BUEHLER YMCA Member & USMS to be on the Team!


Monday  5:15-7:30am  
Tuesday  5:15-7:30am  
Wednesday 5:15-7:30am  
Thursday 5:15-7:305am  
Friday  5:15-7:30am   
Saturday  7:15-8:30 AM   


       Summer June and July  Outdoors at Birchwood 50 Meter Pool

                          Tuesday & Thursday 8:15-9:15 PM


All Practices                   SPC         BUAQSTMASTS1                  $90/$180

Tuesday only                  SPC        BUAQSTMASTS2                  $45/ $90

Thursday Only                SPC        BUAQSTMASTS3                  $45/$90

Drop in rate                    SPC        BUAQSTMASTS4                  $6/$12

Contact Coach Darby for more information.