Illinois Swimming
Level 2

2022 Fall Returning Swimmer Registration: 

Opens: Tuesday August 16th  5 PM 

2022 Fall Try-outs: 

Tuesday August 16th  5-7 

Wednesday August 17th 5-7 

Thursday August 18th 5-7 

Drop in and Try-out! 


2022 Summer Returning Swimmer Registration: 

Monday March  21st  5 to 8 PM 

2022 Summer Try-outs: 

Tuesday March 22nd  5-7 

Wednesday March 23rd  5-7 

Tuesday April 5th   5-7 

Wednesday April 6th  5-7 

Drop in and Try-out! 

2021 Fall Returning Swimmer Registration: 

Monday August 2th  5 to 8 PM 

2021 Fall Try-outs: 

Tuesday August 17th  5-7 

Wednesday August 18th 5-7 

Thursday August 19th 5-7 

Drop in and Try-out! 

2019 Fall Returning Swimmer Registration:

Thursday July 25th 5-7: 30 PM

​Friday July 26th 5:15-8:30 PM

Come by and pick up your stroke clinic registration and spring/summer swim team registration 

​Watch your e-mails for when Coach Darby will be in the office for additional pick-up times.

2019 Fall Try-outs

Tuesday August 6th  5-7 PM

Wednesday August 7th  5-7 PM 

Drop in and try out! 

2019 Fall Stroke Clinic: 

Tuesday Septmeber 3rd - Friday September 6th


2019 Fall/Winter Swim Team:  

​September 9th- March 2010