THANK YOU for your interest in BNSC. Our swim team provides a positive environment where all swimmers are encouraged to reach their maximum potential as athletes and individuals. Our structured training groups and coaching philosophy flow directly from our Mission Statement. Our mission values the use of sound teaching principles while focusing on the importance of athletes developing character, personal responsibility, and self-discipline in the pursuit of excellence in swimming and life.

Our program is based on the coaching  philosophy of teaching proper technique of all four competitive strokes and providing a progressively challenging workout that is appropriate for each swimmer’s level of physical and social development. Swimmers are divided by training group in order to provide a quality training environment.

Each training group has specific goals and corresponding skills that are designed to provide a smooth transition to the next training group, and a progressive approach to training that is important to each individual’s long-term development.

We understand and support the fact that many age-group swimmers participate in other sports and school activities throughout the year. For that reason, it is important to group the swimmers according to their skills and levels of commitment to the sport.

General Information

Skills Evaluation: Swimmers will be evaluated the first day of practice and training group assignment will be discussed with the parents and new swimmer.

Participation on BNSC is NOT guaranteed, and will be determined on training group and space availability.

RKSA Swimmers: Swimmers who move from the RKSA organization to the BNSC organization will usually begin in the Stroke Development group unless their skills level exceeds the Stroke Development group.

Team Trial: All new swimmers receive a two week free trial to give them an idea of the workouts, the team's routine and if it is a good fit for their family. 

Let's get started!

1) Please fill out and submit the online Swimmer Registration form.  Our Team Controller will E-bill you for tuition once the two week free trail is completed. Tuition may be prorated if a swimmer begins in the middle of a month. Click here for fee structure and our financial policy

2) BNSC will register your swimmer electronically with Illinois Swimming (ISI) and take care of any required Transfer Forms.  Do NOT send any forms directly to ISI.  ISI is part of USA Swimming which governs our sport and provides us insurance.  It is a requirement and all ISI fees will be billed directly to your swimmer's account.  Swimmer invoices are delivered via email at this time.  Illinois Swimming/USA Swimmer memberships are absolutely required and not prorated if swimmers join mid-season.  All annual RENEWALS will be automatic and handled by Coach Edie in the fall unless directed otherwise in September by the swimmer's parent.  ISI does not provide any refunds.  

3) Purchase the required equipment for your swimmer.  You can find the equipment list here. (updated list coming soon)

Training Groups

BNSC Approach to Swimming

USA Swim Meets

Team Fees