USA Meets offer a wide range of events including long distance events including the 200IM and the 500 Free, which many of our 12 & under will swim. We typically only enter ONE USA Meet per month which generally runs Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. Three-day USA Meets are draining on a swimmers’ body. It usually takes a little time to recover from those meets.

The USA Meet host team sets the events and the order they will swim. There is NOT a six (6) & under division, so six & under compete in the eight (8) & under age group. All other groups compete in their respective age groups. Often eight & under boys and girls, and nine and ten year olds swim in the morning, but that CAN vary.

Heats run slowest to fastest. Depending on the host team’s facility, there could be as many as 10-20 heats per events. All meets use the Colorado Touch Pads timing equipment so times are more accurate than watch times. Watch times are used only as a backup source. USA Meets have certified officials, and only USA certified coaches can be on the pool deck during the meets. In some meets, the team is allowed to ‘camp out’ on the pool deck during the meet, and the parents are upstairs in the stands. Some meets offer an adjacent gym for swimmers and families.

In USA Meets you will get Disqualified (DQ) if your stroke is NOT legal. There are no exceptions. Coaches will not enter a swimmer in an event if their stroke is not legal in practice. Getting DQ’d is a part of the learning curve, and should not be considered a negative. If there is a DQ on deck, the USA Official must raise their hand, and typically, they inform the swimmer (or the coach) after the race. They also turn in a DQ slip to the scoring table, so there is no question on the specific violation.

The coaches determine which events swimmers are ready for, so parents do not have to choose. Details will be available in the meet packets if available.

Once a swimmer is entered in a meet, meet fees are charged, even if the swimmer gets sick, etc. and cannot attend. NO REFUNDS. The USA Meets have a timeline to maintain and will only accept a certain amount of entries. Swimmers are NOT entered after the deadline.

USA Meets awards vary according to the meet.  Swimmers DO NOT get a ribbon for every event they swim.

Short Course Season
USA swimming Short Course season is from September thru March where all of the meets are in a 25-yard pool. There is usually one meet per month, and conference begin in late February early March.

Long Course Season
Long Course Meets are all in a 50-meter pool, which we do not have in our community so travel is required. Long Course meet schedule will not be available until the Short Course season ends. Long Course season runs from late April thru the end of July.

Most USA Meets are 3-day meets, with Friday evenings having the long distance events.  Most swimmers in Stroke Development and Age Group 1 typically enter Saturday and Sunday or with the option of entering only Saturday or Sunday.  There are meet entry fees, typically $4.00 per event and $1.75 per relay, and a $2.00-$10.00 surcharge.