BNSC’s Fung, Straub, Walker, Ritsema and Swigart Swim Away With Honors

Coach Edie
Nov 8, 2018

Second travel meet of the season for BNSC was an exciting one indeed. 32 swimmers in over 262 individual events; ten of which were 'first' time swims at the 2018 Erin Block Invitational in Urbana, IL. 

Congratulations! BNSC swept up a total of five High Point Trophies for the weekend …

            Raine Fung (Girls 9/10) 3rd place 

            Alli Straub (Girls 11/12) 2nd place 

            Mara Walker (Girls 13/14) 2nd place 

            Andy Ritsema (Boys Open) 1st place 

            Camden Swigart (Boys Open) 3rd place 

Congratulations to the following swimmers who competed in the 1,000 freestyle for the first time with BNSC …

    Ella-Joan Browning (SV), Emily Forrest (JV), Caelin O’Malley (JV), 

    Maddie Rankin (JV), Alli Straub (JV), Grayson Wills (JV)


Regional Qualifiers 

    Raine Fung, Lyndsey Hackman, Caelin O’Malley, Maddie Rankin, Alli Straub, Tyson Tucci, Mara Walker, Grayson Wills,

    Kenneth Wills, Layne Wills

Winter Regional Qualifiers 

    Andy Ritsema, Camden Swigart


Age Group Qualifiers 

    Alli Straub, Tyson Tucci

Senior Championship Qualifiers 

    Andy Ritsema, Camden Swigart

100% Time Drops 

    Nysa Anand, Wrigley Bellis, Leigh Bonenfant, Hoyt Carter, Lexi Rankin, 

    Maddie Rankin


50% or more in Time Drops 

    Lillian Clemons, Ryan Coombs, Adia Dean, Lyndsey Hackman, Connor Jessen, Caelin O’Malley, Samantha Peterson, Alli Straub,

    Camden Swigart, Dominic Williams, Layne Wills

Time Drop - Double Digits

    Leigh Bonenfant, Ella-Joan Browning, Lillian Clemons, Beth Forrest, Emily Forrest,  Connor Jessen, Reid Peterson,

    Sam Peterson, Lexi Rankin, Tyson Tucci, Mara Walker, Dominic Williams, Kenneth Wills, Layne Wills

Time Drop - Triple Digits

    Lillian Clemons


                                                                                Go BNSC!  


    “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence” 

    - Vince Lombardi 

                (Full meet results can be found on BNSC’s website under Swimmers Corner —> Meet Results)

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