Pearson and Tucci Break BNSC Records at Fishers

Coach Edie
Jun 5, 2019

BNSC traveled to Fishers, Indiana to attend the Summer Sizzler three day swim meet this past weekend. With sixteen swimmers in attendance, BNSC was solid with 152 events with twenty of those being first time swims, 57 best times, and two new team records. 

It’s exciting to have our college swimmers Brett Spires (Michigan State University) and Anthony Williamson (University of Indianapolis) train with BNSC over the summer and see them compete in the Summer Sizzler meet beside their teammates. 

Congratulations to Tony John, Ava Lane-Barbour,  and Trevor Tucci for competing in their first long course meet with BNSC! 

Team Records: 

Ali Pearson (girls 15-18) breaks a three-year record with a time of 18:56.67 LCM in the 1500 freestyle. 

Tyson Tucci (boys 15-18) smashes a long-standing record of 14 years in the 400 freestyle with a time of 4:18.28 LCM. 

Regional Championship Qualifiers: 

Lyndsey Hackman (50/400 free, 50/100 back, 50/100 breast, 50 fly, 200 IM) 

Mara Walker (50/100/200/400 free, 100/200 back, 100 breast, 100 fly, 200 IM) 

Kenneth Wills (400/1500 free, 400 IM) 

Brooke Walker (50/100/200 free, 200 back, 100/200 breast, 200 IM) 

Paris Wills (50/100/200/400/1500 free, 400 IM) 

Hadley Fudge (50 free, 100 back, 100/200 breast, 200 IM) 

Ali Pearson (50/100/200 free, 200 back, 100/200 breast, 200 IM) 

Tyson Tucci (50/100 free, 100/200 back, 100/200 fly, 200 IM) 

Jacob Lucas (50 free) 

Andy Ritsema (50/200/400 free, 100/200 back, 200 breast, 100/200 fly)

Senior Championship Qualifiers: 

Ali Pearson (400 free, 1500 free, 400 IM) 

Tyson Tucci (200/400 free, 400 IM) 

Andy Ritsema (200 IM, 400 IM) 

Open Water Qualifiers: 

State cuts - 400 free: Lyndsey Hackman, Ella Browning, Kenneth Wills

Zone cuts - 400 free: Mara Walker, Paris Wills, Ali Pearson, Tyson Tucci, Andy Ritsema

State cuts -1500 free: Kenneth Wills 

Zone cuts - 1500 free: Paris Wills, Ali Pearson

100% Best Times:

Tony John, Ava Lane-Barbour, Jacob Lucas

50% Best Times: 

Matthew Meyer, Paris Wills, Kenneth Wills

Double-Digit Time Drop:

Lyndsey Hackman (400 free), Ali Pearson (200 back, 1500 free), Andy Ritsema (200 breast), Tyson Tucci (200 fly), Paris Wills (400 IM)

Triple-Digit Time Drop:

Ella Browning (200 fly, 400 IM) 

“Never give up! Failure and rejection are only the first step to succeeding.” - Jim Valvano

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