Challenge Accepted …

Coach Edie
Jun 8, 2019

The wait is finally over …. 

Illinois Swimming finalized the overall results from the Pool Plunge Challenge that took place from December 1, 2018 - January 15, 2019, that included all of the USA-Swim teams in the state of Illinois. BNSC participated with 54 athletes in the Challenge and incorporated the swims into our practices. Coaches were pleased on every swimmer's accomplishment in swimming the 1k, 1650, 3k and/or 5k giving the athletes opportunities to explore Open Water as well as encourage further participation in both open water and distance events. 

Each participant will receive an IL Swimming Open Water Pool Plunge swim cap by mail. Top 3 finishers will receive a Pool Plunge award in each male/female category in the 3k and 5k swims. 

The team who has the largest percentage of their team participate over all the events in the Challenge wins a $50.00 gift card. I am proud to announce that your very own Bloomington Normal Swim Club had the largest percentage of swimmers in the state that took on the Challenge and this will be used toward future equipment purchases. 

Top 3 Finishers … 


Ethan Reisinger - 3rd place

Brooke Walker - 2nd place 


Kenneth Wills - 2nd place 

Ethan Reisinger - 3rd place 

Mara Walker - 3rd place 

GO BNSC! We look forward to the next Challenge!