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Bloomington Normal Swim Club takes 2nd at 2020 Winter Regional Championship Meet

Coach Edie

Teamwork and sportsmanship showed steady over the three day weekend for Bloomington Normal Swim Club at the 2020 Illinois Winter Regional Championship Meet held at Wesleyan University. Twenty-seven teams competed in the Regional meet with BNSC finishing second overall with forty-seven athletes in attendance and collecting an impressive 76 individual podium placements, 14 Regional Champions, and twelve relays making their debut in the top three on the podium. Collectively, our athletes earned over a 50% improvement rate with 67 best times in 117 events and swimming away with 107 championship qualifying events for a very successful Regional meet. 


Thank you to our wonderful Officials; Christine Knight, Kevin Ritter, Josh Clemons, Bruce Walker, Stewart Waltner, Todd Schmidt, and Franklin Fung, who officiated throughout the weekend. 


Congratulations to Lauren Swearingen and Wage Pyle for qualifying for Age Group State for the first time this season at the Regional Meet. 


Shout out to our fabulous relay only swimmers who did an amazing job! Thank you, Brooke, Kenzie, Auggie, Charlie, Martin, Tyler, Grace, Paul, Hannah, Sasha, Wrigley, Emily P. Emily R., Maddie P., Sadie, Cai, Kara, Nolan, Maddy, Hoyt, Zach, Mason, Cogan, and Leigh - you did Amazing and BNSC was well represented! 


2020 IL Winter Regional Champions!

Hadley Fudge (100 BR) 

Lyndsey Hackman (200 IM)

Olivia Haerr (100 FL) 

Macy Hunziker (100 FL & 50 BR) 

Kenna Malinowski (100 BK) 

Robby Pratt (200 BR) 

Wade Pyle (50 FL) 

Alli Straub (200 FL) 

Brooke Walker (500 FR) 

Grayson Wills (1000 FR & 500 FR) 

Kenneth Wills (1000 FR & 500 FR) 


Double-Digit Time Drop

Audrey Allen (400 IM) 

Charlie Johnson (50 FR) 

Robby Pratt (200 BR) 

Wade Pyle (400 IM) 

Kenneth Wills (1000 FR) 


Triple-Digit Time Drop 

Alli Straub (1650 FR) 


Open Water State Championship Qualifiers

Raine Fung (200 FR) 

Grayson Wills (1000 FR, 200 FR, 500 FR) 


Open Water Zone Championship Qualifiers 

Kenna Malinowski (200 FR, 500 FR) 

Maddie Rankin (500 FR) 

Alli Straub (1650 FR) 

Brooke Walker (500 FR) 

Kenneth Wills (1000 FR, 500 FR) 


Senior State Championship Qualifier

Robby Pratt 


Age Group Championship Qualifier 

Macy Hunziker (100 FL) 

Wade Pyle (50FL) 

Lauren Swearingen (200 FL) 


Regional Championship Qualifiers

(Qualified in one or in multiple events)

Audrey Allen, Adia Dean, Hadley Fudge, Raine Fung, Charlie Glatz, Lyndsey Hackman, Morghan Hackman, Olivia Haerr, Macy Hunziker, Kenna Malinowski, Caelin O’Malley, Wade Pyle, Lexi Rankin, Maddie Rankin, Tessa Ritter, Alli Straub, Lauren Swearingen, Brooke Walker, Grayson Wills, Kenneth Wills, Layne Wills


Regional Championship Relays 

Girls 10&Under 200 Medley Relay 3:10.46 - 3rd place

Brooke Piotrowski, Sierra Parker, Macy Hunziker, Mckenzie Timm


Girls 12&Under 200 Medley Relay 2:08.19 - 1st place - Regional Champions 

Kenna Malinowski, Charlie Glatz, Lauren Swearingen, Raine Fung


Girls 12&Under 200 Medley Relay 2:26.71 - 4th place

Lexi Rankin, Adia Dean, Tessa Ritter, Grace Pillai


Boys 12&Under 200 Medley Relay 2:19.98 - 3rd place

Wade Pyle, Layne Wills, Grayson Wills, Paul Bender 


Girls 200 Medley Relay 1:55.28 - 1st place - Regional Champions 

Hadley Fudge, Morghan Hackman, Olivia Haerr, Brooke Walker 



Girls 14&Under 200 Medley Relay 2:00.94 - 1st place - Regional Champions 

Alli Straub, Sasha Wiggim, Maddie Rankin, Caelin O’Malley


Girls 14&Under 200 Medley Relay 2:24.18 - 3rd place 

Wrigley Bellis, Emily Parent, Emily Roe, Hannah Ragains 


Girls 10&Under 200 Freestyle Relay 2:26.88 - 3rd place 

Cai Marks, Brooke Piotrowski, Sadie Skilondz, Macy Hunziker 


Girls 10&Under 200 Freestyle Relay 3:20.75 - 4th place 

Kara Markwell, Mckenzie Timm, Madison Poulin, Sierra Parker 


Boys 10&Under 200 Freestyle Relay 2:59.80 - 3rd place 

Charlie Johnson, Auggie Arnolts, Tyler Hunziker, Nolan Pyle 


Girls 12&Under 200 Freestyle Relay 1:50.34 - 1st place - Regional Champions 

Charlie Glatz, Raine Fung, Lyndsey Hackman, Kenna Malinowski 


Girls 12&Under 200 Freestyle Relay 2:08.37 - 5th place

Madison Timm, Lexi Rankin, Lauren Swearingen, Tessa Ritter 


Girls Open 200 Freestyle Relay 1:49.02 - 3rd place 

Sasha Wiggim, Morghan Hackman, Hadley Fudge, Olivia Haerr


Girls 14&Under 200 Freestyle Relay - 1:54.68 - 2nd place 

Emily Roe, Maddie Rankin,  Wrigley Bellis, Alli Straub 


Girls 14&Under 200 Freestyle Relay - 2:10.07 - 3rd place 

Leigh Bonenfant, Hannah Ragains, Grace Pillai, Dean 


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