BNSC ... I Came, I Swam, I Conquered for Rachel A. Dean

Coach Edie
Oct 11, 2018

BNSC swims solid with 63 athletes competing at the Rachel A. Dean Memorial meet this past weekend with outstanding performances and incredible depth on all levels.

Teamwork and dedication set the tone for BNSC's first meet of the season in memory of Coach Rachel from our athletes and parents.

Impressive time drops and swims earned BNSC a total of 343 personal best times, of which 83 swims were competed in for the very first time. 11 Age Group and 32 Regional qualifying championship cuts were achieved along with 1 BNSC team record and 6 meet records. 


A special ‘Thank You’ to Sadie Skilondz and Montgomery Gold for your sportsmanship to step in at the last minute to fill in for team relays.


Congratulations to the following swimmers who competed for the first time with BNSC in a USA-S meet: 

Auggie Arnolts (SD), Noelle Bush (SV), Keziah Cheger(AG1), Spencer Ghanbarpour (SD), Charlize Glatz (JV), Molly McDonald (SD), Maxwell Miller (AG1), Mason Montgomery (AG1), Maddi Poulin (SD), Tanner Reisinger (SD), Tessa Reisinger (SD), Evan Tom (SD), Mason Wiegner (AG2), Tyson Tucci (SV), Dominic Williams (AG1), Grayson Wills (JV), Kenneth Wills (JV), Layne Wills (AG2)


Meet Records: 

Girls 11-12 Division: 

Alli Straub in both the 100 backstroke and100 Breaststroke, Kenna Malinowski in the 100 Freestyle, 400 Freestyle Relay of Straub,CaelinO’Malley, Maddie Rankin, Kenna Malinowski with a time of 4:06.91 and the 400 Medley Relay of Lyndsey Hackman, Straub, O’Malley, and

Malinowskiwith a time of 4:35.98. 


Camden Swigart (Boys 13-14) 400 IM with a time of 4:23.52


Team Records:

8 & Under 100 Freestyle Relay of Jada King, Sierra Parker, Elizabeth Bender and Violet Miller with a time of 1:35.76.


Individual Regional Qualifiers - Raine Fung, Kenna Malinowski, Caelin O’Malley, Wade Pyle, Maddie Rankin, Alli Straub, Camden Swigart, Tyson Tucci, Mara Walker, Grayson Wills, Kenneth Wills, Layne Wills, 


Individual Age Group Qualifiers - Kenna Malinowski, Camden Swigart, Tyson Tucci, Kenneth Wills


100% Swims - Time Drops: 

Sam Albertson, Audrey Allen, Auggie Arnolts, Paul Bender, Noelle Bush, Keziah Cheger, Spencer Ghanbarpour, Charlize Glatz, Henry Gold, Sneha Guha, Shriyans, Jada King, Molly McDonald, Maxwell Miller, Violet Miller, Mason Montgomery, Emily Parent, Maddi Poulin, Zachary Poulin, Wade Pyle, Lexi Rankin, Ethan Reisinger, Noah Reisinger, Tanner Reisinger, Tessa Reisinger, Camden Swigart, Evan Tom, Mason Wiegner, Sasha Wiggim, and Kenneth Wills. 


Swimmers with 50% or more in Time Drops: 

Vitor Adame, Wrigley Bellis, Elizabeth Bender, JW Black, Hoyt Carter, Lillian Clemons, Ryan Coombs, Adia Dean, Beth Forrest, Emily Forrest, Raine Fung, Montgomery Gold, Kenna Malinowski, William Miller, Sierra Parker, Hannah Ragains, Maddie Rankin, Andy Ritsema, Sadie Skilondz, Jason Smith, Alli Straub, Layne Wills. 



‘Never Say Never Because Limits, Like Fears, Are Often Just Illusions.’ - Michael Jordan 

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