YMCA Mission Statement

Put Christian values into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body.


HEAT Swim Team Program Objectives
To provide a competitive swim team where participants can select from several levels of competitive intensity. This program shall be safe, educational, and enjoyable while providing for the participant's personal improvement. The team will also develop within its swimmers high levels of self-discipline and fitness, and foster the character development values of honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility for the program, coaches, parents, other teams, and each other. 


We want to do this by challenging each athlete to improve him or herself each day while learning the values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, time management, goal setting, and the power of positive thinking.

The Heat is a member club of USA Swimming/Illinois Swimming and a YMCA affiliated team. Swimmers attend USA Swimming and YMCA meets. Locally, the team is a program of the Stephens Family County YMCA. We are known nationally as Champaign County YMCA HEAT.

As a USA Swimming team, all athletes are required to hold current memberships.

As a YMCA team, athletes that hold a membership in the YMCA are eligible to attend YMCA local, district, and national meets.