The Benefits of Swimming

Like all extracurricular activities, competitive swimming expands upon the growth and development of its participants that begins with families and education. Swimming offers many unique advantages over other sports and clubs that make it an ideal choice for young people.


  • Uses all the body’s major muscle groups, promoting complete development.

  • Offers the most complete aerobic fitness possible.

  • Enhances flexibility while building strength.

  • Helps develop superior coordination skills because of the complexity of the four multidimensional strokes and various techniques.

  • Is a low impact sport and therefore enjoys a low rate of serious injuries.

  • Adapts as one ages and can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

  • Develops swimmers mentally, through strategy, concentrations and discussions of related areas, such as physiology, nutrition, and psychology.

  • Develops self-discipline, which transfers over to life skills outside the pool.

  • Being a YMCA program gives this extra benefits to understand we are part of something bigger than us, that honesty, responsibility, caring and respect for others is part of being a complete athlete.

These are just some of the obvious benefits, but the advantages are too numerous to list. Long-time swimmers can attest to the life skills gained by participation, including time management, goal setting, cooperation and independence.