General Information

Swim Meets

Our team has a unique opportunity in that we are a YMCA and a USA Swimming team. This allows us a wide range of competitions to meet the needs of all of our athletes. These competitions range from small 1/2 day dual meets to multiple day, multiple team meets. Your group coach is the best resource for inquiring as to which meets you should attend. Group 5HP must attend meets recommended by their coach(es), as well as, participate in the championship season, otherwise, there are no meet attendance requirements for the other athletes.


Our staff always encourages participation in competitions because there are many benefits to experiencing these situations:


1. Preparation for a performance (test, speech, project, etc.)

2. Goal setting and working toward that success

3. Realizing personal rewards for their hard work

4. Gaining confidence by focusing in self improvement

5. Team interaction and support

6. Social time for parents, staff and swimmers to get to know each other


See our meet schedule on main page at the bottom.


YMCA vs. USA Competitions:


The YMCA offers a wide range of meets for our swimmers. These usually are small, 1-day dual meets which are great introductory meets for new swimmers. They also offer longer day and even multiple day meets. We participate in this championship series in the winter season competing in Jr. Districts, Districts, State and Nationals. In order to swim at these meets a swimmer must have competed in 3 YMCA meets during the course of the season and be registered with the team by December 1. If a high school swimmer is competing in their school’s organized team then the requirement is 2 meets. Athletes must be YMCA members to be eligible to swim in YMCA competitions.


USA Swimming is the governing body of swimming in the US and works very closely with the international federation for developing and supervising national and international competitions. This circuit usually involves multiple day meets divided into sessions where an athlete may swim 2-4 days, but will not need to stay all day. Our state is governed by Illinois Swimming, Inc. (ISI) and supervises the competitions in this state which also offers a championship season: Regionals (A times), Age Group State Championships (14 & U) and Senior State Championships (open). In cooperation with USA Swimming the series continues to Sectionals involving 5-7 different states, Jr. Nationals, Senior Nationals, US Open and Olympic Trials. There are also special meets during the year you can apply for that are great opportunities to swim with other states and competitors. These include: Zones, Mid-States, Select Camps, and Spirit Camps.



Our Meet Schedule can be found on our website. All important onformation about the meet is on that meet tab. Meet info, entry reports and a Meet Overview for HEAT swimmers and parents.


Swimmers should sign up for meets from the website (See Signing up for a Meet tab). Generally, swimmers may choose which events they would like to swim. Coaches may also suggest events for swimmers to participate. Certain meets may require that the swimmer already have attained qualifying times in each event entered. If required, these qualifying times can be found in the meet information packet.


Dates for entry deadlines are posted on the web and also emailed to families as meet information packets are received from host clubs.


YMCA dual meets are free of charge. All other meets charge small meet fees per event and/or per swimmer.



Swimming Seasons:


Short Course: This season lasts from September to April each year. Events are swum in a 25-yard pool. The short course yard time standards apply to all meets during this time.


Long Course:This season lasts from April through August each year. Events are swum in a 50-meter pool. The long course meter time standards apply to all meets during this time.