The HEAT Booster Board (Steering Committee) that is made up of 5 Officers (Executive Committee) and several Chairs/Representatives. The Executive Committee is made up of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and an At-Large Member. The purpose of the Booster Board is to provide supplementary funding and support specifically for the competitive aspects of the team.


Specific responsibilities of the Booster Board can be found here.


President:  Natalie Kenny Marquez

Vice-President:  Anne Fahnestock

Treasurer:  Jennifer White

Secretary:  Amanda Alleman

Member At-Large: Roselle Bhosale


Specific Responsibilities for each of these position can be found here.


Meet Management:

  • Billy Oatman
  • Nikki Asse


  •   Roselle Bhosale


  •   Jan Reynolds
  • ​  Jing Dong

Web Page:

  • Ryan Bradley


  • Larry Fahnestock

Equipment: & Apparel:

  • Jennifer Maxfield
  • Erica Malloch

​Sponsorship & Fundraising:

  • Natalie Kenny Marquez


  • Bradley
  • Liz Howard

​Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Amanda Alleman

Social Media/Publicity:

  • Mindy Borden

​Computer Table:

  • Larry Fahnestock

Group Representatives:

  • 6: Stacy Arie
  • 5: Li Zhong:
  • 4: Nikki Johnson
  • 3: Liz Howard
  • 2: Amanda Alleman
  • 1: Amanda Alleman

Description of all of the service commitment positions for major home meets can be found here.