When the coaches come across a swimming related article that they think the swimmers can benefit from reading it will be posted here.  If you come across an article yourself that you think should be considered, please send it to coach Josh at [email protected] and the coaches will review it to see if it matches up with our own philosophies on swimming and coaching.


Swimming Articles

It has been a while since we have posted, so let's try to keep up!

9/10/19 "I Worry That I am Going to Swim Bad and Not Achieve me Goals." Swim Swam Article


2/12/13 - So You Want to Get Faster (Part 2 - Being Coachable) by Tyler McGill

This article was written by Champaign's very own Tyler McGill.  In it he goes over how important it is for swimmers to not only listen to what coaches tell them, but to comprehend it and make a discernable effort every day to work on improving themselves and not just working on it in the moment.  Be sure to check it out!


2/28/13 - Tough set? Breath and Encourage by Tyler McGill

This article talks about how to best approach tough sets and keep a good mental focus so that you can do your best everyday in practice.  It also talks about the importance of encouraging your teammates during these sets and the benefits of doing so for yourself and them.


2/28/13 - Sacrifices: Empty or Real? by Tyler McGill

In this article, Tyler goes into the sacrifices he has had to make for swimming.  He also details the types of sacrifices you may have to make as a swimmer yourself, and whether or not these are real sacrifices, or just empty ones that aren't as important as you may think at the time.


4/3/13 - Goal Setting Overview from USA Swimming Presentation

This is an overview of the goal setting meeting held by the USA swimming folks.  Will has gone through and pulled out the main points that you need to focus on to help set goals for yourself and to become a better swimmer.


4/24/13 - U of I Nutrition Class Overview

This is a quick overview of the basics of what you should try to eat and what you should avoid.  Included are recipes for healthy snacks/meals that kids can make on their own, and some that require parental help.


5/3/13 - Empty Your Cup

This is a short article about how it is important to sometimes "empty your cup" so you can allow more knowledge to set in it.


5/3/13 - Coaches Perspective: What Kind of Athlete Are YOU?

This article was written by Elliott McGill and helps you find out what kind of athlete you are.  Are you one that does what is asked of you?  Or are you one that questions everything you're told to do?  This article explains the importance of relaxing and trusting that what you are being asked to do will benefit you in the long run if you buy in.


5/3/13 - Coaches Perspective:  Why Technique Is Important...

This article explains the importance of proper technique and how you should never sit back on your laurels, but constantly strive to find some way to improve yourself as a swimmer and a person.