Garrett Barnard, Central High School




When did you start swimming?  How did you get started?  What teams or clubs have you swum with?

I started swimming the summer before my freshman year of high school at the age of 13.  Will saw me hanging out around the country club and asked me to try it out, so I did and I loved it.  I have swum with Heat, CCC, Indian Acres and Central High School.


What are your college plans?  Will you swim?  What will you major in?

I am planning on attending The Ohio State University next year majoring in either accounting or finance.  I will not be swimming for the varsity team, but I may swim for the club team.


What have you learned from swimming?

If there is one thing I have learned from swimming, it is to not limit yourself.  You never know what you are capable of until you push yourself farther than you think you can go.  You are the only thing holding yourself back.


What is your favorite swimming memory?

My favorite swimming memories are the after-practice showers during high school season.  Doesn't get any better than that.


What is your favorite event?  Least favorite?

Favorite: 200 free relay, medley relay and 100 fly.  Least Favorite: anything over 100 yards.


What is your favorite movie?  Favorite food?  Favorite place?

Remember the Titans, Crab Legs and Los Angeles, California. 


What 3 people would you invite to dinner?

Tyler McGill, Will Barker and Will Ferrell


Tell us something about yourself that people might find surprising or interesting.

I can pop, lock and drop it.