Jillian Taylor, Centennial High School












When did you start swimming? How did you get started? What teams or clubs have you swum with?

When I was 3, because I living in Miami and every kid has to learn how to swim really early. I've swam with Indian Acres, Storm, Heat, and the Centennial Girl's team.


What are your college plans? Will you swim? What will you major in?

I'm at Mizzou right now, and I'm just swimming recreationally. I'm transferring to ISU next year and planning on swimming club there. I'm double majoring in English education and special education.


What have you learned from swimming?

How to be on a team and work with others, while also bettering myself in the process.


What is your favorite swimming memory?

Singing Indian Acres songs while doing kick sets because we all know you have to get through a kick set somehow.


What is your favorite event? Least favorite?

Favorite is the 500 free, least favorite is the 100 breaststroke.


What is your favorite movie? Favorite food? Favorite place?

Favorite movie is Casablanca, favorite food is sushi or oysters, and my favorite place is Florence, Italy.


What 3 people would you invite to dinner?

Zooey Deschanel, Obama, and my grandpa.


Tell us something about yourself that people might find surprising or interesting.

I still can't do a backstroke start without sticking out my tongue.