Milee Nelson, University High School


When did you start swimming? How did you get started? What teams or clubs have you swum with?

I started swimming when i was about 7. I began with lessons and works my way up to pre team. I have always swum for aquachiefs/heat year round and Indian acres in the summer. I also swam for UNI in high school.


What are your college plans? Will you swim? What will you major in?

I attend Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, NY and I swim for the team there. I am planning on majoring in biology but that may change.


What have you learned from swimming?

Swimming takes an enormous amount of discipline and and strong work ethic and I have found that these are the two qualities i have adopted most throughout the years.


What is your favorite swimming memory?

Honestly, my favorite swim memories are all from large meets such as state. When everyone on the team would be playing cards or cheering on fellow teammates, the team atmosphere was the best. I cannot recall how many games of BS I've played over the years with Hannah Newman, Sarah Schuh, an Gabi Rajic, but It was an excessive amount. We also got to see our friends from other teams and that was always enjoyable.


What is your favorite event? Least favorite?

My favorite event is the 500 free and my least favorite event is any breaststroke event.


What is your favorite movie? Favorite food? Favorite place?

My favorite movie is Ferris Bueller's Day Off and my favorite food is puppy chow. My favorite place is anywhere with a beach.


What 3 people would you invite to dinner?

I would invite Alex Kotlowitz, Bruce Miller, and Muhammad Ali.


Tell us something about yourself that people might find surprising or interesting.

I am an avid listener of music. I am never without my iPod and I almost always have one ear bud in.