Trent Reeve, Centennial High School




When did you start swimming? How did you get started? What teams or clubs have you swum with?

I don't really remember at what age I started swimming, probably around four or five. What I do remember is taking swim lessons at the YMCA in Hendersonville, NC and how awesome my swim instructor was. Soon swimming became part of my life. After those lessons I swam for the H-Cats, which was also a swim team in Hendersonville. Later when I moved to Raleigh, NC I joined the Raleigh Marlins. The Marlins is where I really began to progress with my swimming skills. I then joined Storm when I moved again to Champaign, IL which later resulted into Heat when Storm and Aquachiefs combined. I Finished off my swimming career with Centennial High School Men's swim team.


What are your college plans? Will you swim? What will you major in?

I'm currently a student at Butler University as a Bio-premed major. Unfortunately, they do not have a men's swim team... title nine, so I took up rowing instead. They did have a men's club swim team, but I was ready for a change of pace. Now that I completed my first semester of rowing, I couldn't be happier with my decision. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy a good swim now and then.


What have you learned from swimming?

Swimming has taught me that I took air for granted.


What is your favorite swimming memory?

I have so many swim memories that I don't even know where to begin. I just know that if I got food after practice, it was a memorable day.


What is your favorite event? Least favorite?

I love the 50-200 free and I loathe the IM and any breaststroke events.


What is your favorite movie? Favorite food? Favorite place?

I love everything done by Quentin Tarantino and all movies with Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, and Johnny Depp. If it's a zombie movie, I've probably seen it, which is why Zombie Land is one of my favorite movies (EMMA STONE).
My favorite food has to be Korean food. I could and I do eat it all the time. 
I Visited Wyoming for the first time in the summer of my junior year of High School and I just fell in love with it. I would definitely want to move there when I am older.


What 3 people would you invite to dinner?

I would most definitely invite the Charlie's Angles, the new ones because they are the angles I know and love. They just have so much fun with one another that I have a feeling that if I have dinner with them, it would be just as delightful.


Tell us something about yourself that people might find surprising or interesting.

I'm really interested in cinematography. I've always been fascinated in how movies are made and the technalogicall side of it. The "Hollywood Magic" is just so unbelieveable. This is why I enjoy Quentin Tarantino so much. His cinematographic skills is just amazing to me.