Illinois Swimming

Chicago Latin Swim Club

Fall/ Winter 2021-22

Covid Prevention
We are excited to get our swimmers back into the water after a long hiatus! While we know a lot more about Covid, we are still operating in a pandemic. To keep our swimmers safe, having strong mitigation measures in place is one of the best things we can do to keep our community safe. Everyone should wash hands frequently, wear properly fitting masks, follow social distancing guidelines, and get vaccinated when eligible.  

Covid Symptoms
If a swimmer or coach is experiencing covid symptoms, it is imperative that they stay home from any swim activities to keep everyone safe.  If a swimmer comes to practice or a meet with any covid symptoms, parents will be contacted & that swimmer will need to be picked up immediately. Please keep your swimmer home if they have any of the symptoms listed below and contact your health care provider. 

COVID-19 may appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus and include: 

· Fever of 100.4 degrees or higher

· Headache

· Sore throat

· Diarrhea

· Congestion or runny nose

· Fatigue

· Shortness of breath

· Cough

· Vomiting

· Abdominal pain and/or nausea

· New loss of taste or smell

· Muscle or body aches

In accordance with CDC guidelines and state of Illinois health requirements, universal masking is required indoors, regardless of vaccination status.  Coaches and parents are required to be masked at all times in the building.

Swimmers are required to wear their masks when entering the building, in the locker room and on the pool deck. When swimmers are ready to enter the water, they will remove their mask, put it in a plastic bag (to keep it dry) and keep it near the pool’s edge. When the swimmer is done swimming, they will exit the pool & immediately put their mask back on. 

Parents are allowed to accompany their children to practice, but we encourage sending your children in solo when able, to limit the number of people in the pool area. Parents will be able to watch from the hallway, through the glass. All spectators indoors must be masked and should physically distance 3-6ft from each other.

Locker Rooms/Showers
In the locker rooms, masks are required for all individuals, regardless of vaccination status (other than while in the showers). Three to six feet distancing should be maintained as much as possible, and time spent in the locker rooms should be limited (no "hanging around"). If swimmers can shower and change at home, that is encouraged. 

Each day, coaches will take attendance  for potential contact tracing purposes.  


Equipment like kick boards, pull buoys, and fins needed for practice will be provided. Coaches will pass out these items, and sanitize them after each use.  

Lane Capacity

For the fall/winter season, we will be returning with limited lane capacity to accommodate social distancing and prevent large groups of swimmers crowding the end of the lanes. 

Blue group- 7 registered per lane, forming  3 groups of 14 swimmers

Orange group- 5 registered per lane, forming 1 group of 15 swimmers  

Roman group- 5 registered per lane, forming 1 group of 15 swimmers  


Competing is a big part of a swimmer’s overall athletic development. While we will be entering the team in swim meets, it is up to each individual family to decide if they would like to participate, or opt out. When selecting meets this season, we will only participate in Illinois based meets that have strong covid plans in place. While at meets, it is expected that all swimmers, parents and coaches adhere to the covid policies set forth by the host team

Vaccination Status

Covid vaccination status will be collected for each swimmer during the registration process. Latin students will have their internal records checked, so no action is needed. Non-Latin students will be contacted by the Aquatics Director to have vaccination status recorded.

Contact Tracing
In the event of a positive case of a Latin student, contact tracing will be conducted by a member of Latin’s Health Office and in collaboration with CDPH, as necessary.  Swim staff should send notice of the positive case to [email protected].  Contact tracing by Latin’s Health Office is conducted M-F, 7:45am-3:45pm.  If the positive case is a non-Latin student, contact tracing will be conducted by a member of the swim staff. 

Contact tracing involves a detailed case interview, assessment of the exposure situation and consideration of other risk mitigation strategies.

Close contact is defined as being within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes (cumulative over 24 hours) OR having direct contact with an infected person including touching (including tackling, blocking, defending, etc), hugging, kissing, or sharing eating or drinking utensils; or if an infected person sneezed, coughed, or somehow got respiratory droplets on another person.

All individuals that shared a lane with the positive case within 48 hours of the positive case’s experiencing symptoms or the date of their positive test, will be considered a close contact and be required to test/quarantine as directed by the contact tracing team.

Please Latin's COVID-19 Policies & FAQ 2021-2022 for information on quarantine requirements based on vaccination status.