About Us

The COHO Swim Club is a high quality competitive and comprehensive developmental program for residents in Deerfield, Highland Park, and surrounding communities. Founded in 1971, COHO is a co-sponsored program of the Deerfield Park District and the Park District of Highland Park with a long-standing rich tradition and history of success in swimming on the local, regional, and national levels.

The COHO Swim Club is a developmental and competitive swim club open to swimmers age 5 years and older. The club is divided into Developmental (Minnows & Sharks, Age Group (10 & Under White, Blue, Red groups and 11 & Over White, Blue, Red groups), and Senior Programs (Gold 1 and Gold 2).  All swimmers are placed into groups according to their age, ability, and commitment level. This structure allows us to meet the individual needs of each swimmer. OUR MISSION: Our mission is to provide coaches, facilities, and support for increased proficiency in competitive amateur swimming; to encourage and develop sound swimming skills; to develop good sportsmanship, individual integrity, and a positive team atmosphere. *We also offer a Masters team for adults. 

COHO Head Coach Nancy Reese, Head Age Group Coach Jacob Weber, and Head Developmental Coach Jeff Napolski are full-time employees of the Deerfield Park District. The primary function of each position is the daily operation of the COHO Swim Club, but all three positions also incorporate other duties within the District. The three full-time COHO coaches are also voting members of the COHO Parent Board. Part-time coaches are also employed by the Deerfield Park District and are hired at the discretion of the Head Coach. All COHO coaches are trained in CPR, First Aid, Athlete Protection and Coaches Safety. All coaches are certified by USA Swimming. COHO coaches also further their education by attending clinics and seminars, and by participating in the American Swim Coaches Association (ASCA), an accreditation and continuing education program.

COACHES AND PARENT BOARD: Please see below for the list of COHO Parent Association Board Members & their contact information.  *The three full-time coaches are also voting members of the board. 

Nancy Reese, Head Coach 



Jacob Weber, Head Age-Group Coach      



Jeff Napolski, Head Developmental Coach



Peter Greenfield, Parent Board President



Sarah Kettlewell, Treasurer



Elizabeth Hafner​, Fundraising



Ellie Kaiser, Team Store



Pawel Wandycz, Team Store co-chair



Ellen Stiller, Meet Director



Erika Hammack, Concessions



Sabina Holtzman, Concessions co-chair



Amy Malk, Secretary



Warren Frances​, Social Activities



Liliana Zapp, Social Activities Co-chair



Jane Adler, Officials