COHO Information - Fall 2022


If you are new to COHO you must complete a tryout before registering. Please visit our NEW SWIMMERS page for more information. **NOTE** Tryouts for the fall 2022 season are completed.


  • NEW USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION PROCESS: Beginning with the 2022-2023 season, there is a new process for paying the USA Swimming Membership fee. The only option to pay will be online through USA Swimming, but the link will not be available until after Labor Day. Once we have more information and the link, it will be sent out to everyone registered for fall.




If you have trouble with your DFPD online account, contact the registration office at 847-945-0650 or [email protected]Please do not contact the COHO office for issues with your DFPD Webtrac account, we do not have access to fix issues with this system.   



Any household that is currently in COHO or has signed up for a park district program or pass membership already has a Webtrac account – it is automatically created as soon as someone signs up for something. 

If you don’t know your login info, visit this link: and enter your email address, and if it matches, the system will email your account into so you can reset your password. If no matching email address is found, contact the registration office at 847-945-0650 or [email protected].  



Here is the link to use to see COHO programs 

(this is a permanent link that will work for future seasons as well) 



Click on the green + symbol next to the appropriate activity/section (each group is an Activity code, with different Levels as Sections).  

On the next screen, select which child is enrolling into that section with a checkmark, and click Continue. If you have multiple children in the same section, check each of them here. 


Review and accept the Liability Waiver on the next screen and click Continue. 


On the shopping cart screen, either click “Proceed to Checkout” or “Continue Shopping” if you want to register another child for a different group/level.


Pay by Visa/MC/Discover/Amex. You will receive an email receipt (PDF attachment) after the payment has been successfully processed. 


COHO Club Fee:  

The seasonal COHO Club fee is included in the fee shown in your shopping cart based on your child’s group. This fee is used to cover meet entry costs. For the fall 2022 season the fee is: Minnows ($35) Sharks & White groups ($50), Blue groups ($65), Red and Gold groups ($85).


USA/IL Swimming Membership Fee

The majority of this fee goes to USA Swimming, and the remainder goes to Illinois Swimming. Since COHO is a USA/IL Swimming chartered club, every swimmer, coach and official with COHO must be registered with USA/IL Swimming. The link to pay this fee on the USA Swimming website will be sent out near the end of August.



  • Deerfield Park District Program fee: This is paid every season through the park district online registration system. This goes directly to DFPD and is used to cover operating costs of COHO such as salaries, pool rental, education and training, etc.
  • COHO Club fee: This is paid every season through the park district online registration system. This goes to COHO and is used to cover meet entry costs (see below).
  • USA Swimming/Illinois Swimming Membership fee: This is an annual fee. The amount is the same no matter what time of year you pay it. Since COHO is a USA/IL Swimming chartered club, all our swimmers, coaches, and officials are required to register with both organizations.



Meet fees vary by meet and host team. Most are covered by the COHO Club fee, but some travel and Championship meet fees are not.


Meet fees covered by the COHO Club fee:

  • Splash fees: This is a charge for every event in which a swimmer is entered. We are responsible for paying this when we submit our team entry to the host club. A percentage of this goes to the LSC (Local Swimming Committee) that oversees the area in which the meet is held. Most LSC’s cover an entire state (Illinois Swimming), but some larger states (California and Texas) are split between multiple LSC’s. The host club keeps a large percentage of the splash fee, and this is how teams make most of their money from meets.
  • Swimmer surcharge: 100% of this goes directly to the LSC in which the meet is held. We are responsible for paying this when we submit our team entry to the host club.
  • Facility usage fee: Some teams will charge this to cover additional costs of renting a facility to run a meet. For instance, when we host a multi-day meet at DHS, we are charged for security and custodial costs by the school district. Not all meets will have this charge, but if they do then we are responsible for paying it when we submit our team entry to the host club.


Meet fees NOT covered by the COHO Club fee:

  • Spectator Admissions: Some teams will charge in advance for spectator admissions. This has become a trend because it eliminates the need for volunteers to collect money at the meet. It is a good way to not only free up volunteers, but to prevent having a lot of extra cash on the premises. We are responsible for paying this at the time we submit out team entry if it is included. Since families must pay this at meets that charge on site, we do pass on this cost to families when it is charged in advance. You will be billed for this through your Team Unify account when applicable.
  • Championship Season fee: For some families, this will be charged through your Team Unify account at the end of both the short course (March) and long course (August) seasons. This is only charged if you have a swimmer who participates in a Championship meet (Regionals or higher). This is to off-set the extra costs of Championship meets (higher splash fees, shirts, caps, coaches travel, etc.)
    • This fee DOES apply to relay only swimmers
    • The charge is between $25 - $50
  • Travel Meet/Out of Town Championship Meet expenses: These fees will vary by meet and will be communicated in advance of families signing up. Typically, this will include hotel, food and transportation expenses, if those are being provided by COHO.
  • COVID-19 Fees: Some teams/facilities have added fees due to COVID-19 policies and procedures.