All new swimmers must try out for COHO. The minimum skill requirements are:

Individuals ages 5 and over must be able to swim 1 length of continuous freestyle with rhythmic breathing (face in the water, turning the head to the side to breathe), 1 length of continuous backstroke, be able to go underwater and touch the bottom of the pool in the shallow end, and be comfortable swimming in the deep end of the pool.  Swimmers who can successfully complete this criterion will be placed in a specific group based on age and ability.



The COHO Developmental Program is broken into 2 groups (Minnows 9&under and Sharks 10&over) and designed for children who are novices or relative novices to the sport of swimming. Emphasis is placed on learning proper competitive stroke technique and skills, developing positive self-esteem, making new friends, and having fun! Swimmers are introduced to competition through Developmental swim meets. Swimmers are taught the basics of the four competitive strokes and competition starts and turns, while building general endurance.

We aim to bridge the gap between swim lessons and competitive swimming. Emphasis is placed on learning basic competitive skills, improving body awareness in the water, developing positive self-esteem, making friends, and having fun!  The main goal is skill development to prepare swimmers for the COHO Age Group Program. We recommend a minimum of 3 practices per week. The more often swimmers attend practice, the quicker they learn and perfect new skills.



In our Age Group Program, we offer 3 levels for swimmer ages 10 & under, and 3 levels for swimmers ages 11-14. Within both age groups these levels are White, Blue and Red. There are specific requirements and practice schedules for each level. Swimmers must follow the schedule for their assigned age group and level.

The primary focus of the White levels is to learn and develop the technical aspects of all four of the competitive strokes, racing starts, and turns. Swimmers will experience an introduction to training concepts and acquire skills in preparation for competition.

The Blue and Red levels are more advanced and composed mostly of swimmers who have achieved "B" times from the USA Swimming National Age Group Motivational Time Standards. In these groups swimmers will build upon elements previously learned, while continuing to improve their technique, and expanding on training concepts.



Our Senior Program is designed to incorporate the training the training needs of all high school swimmers (eighth graders may be placed in this group in the spring if they are ready to train at this level). There are 2 groups within the Senior Program (Gold 1 and Gold 2) and the Head Senior Coach will have the final say on group assignments.

Gold 1 is intended to provide a training environment for athletes to be successful not only within COHO, but also the high school level. Swimmers are expected to attend at least 70% attendance for both swim and dryland workouts.

Gold 2 is intended to provide a more intense environment for swimmers who are dedicated to training and competing year-round. Swimmers are expected to attend a minimum of 80% attendance for both swim and dryland workouts

Dryland is an important part of the Senior Program and is included in Gold 1 and Gold 2 program fees.



For adults 18 and up COHO offers a Masters swimming program. Practices are run by a coach, and designed for adults of all levels. Masters do not need to pay the USA registration fee or the COHO club fee. In the fall, winter, and spring you may register to attend all three practices offered per week (section 01), two practices per week (section 02), or one practice per week (section 03).  In the summer, section 01 is four practices per week and section 02 is two practices per week.



We have established minimum requirements for swimmers to be assigned to certain groups. What is expected of swimmers is to do more than the minimum requirements, especially if they desire to progress and advance. What swimmers do in their current group will affect their group placement as they get older and move towards the Senior program on COHO.

Group placement and advancement are major concerns of most swimming families. Usually these concerns arise from a combined motive of: (1) wanting what’s best for the child and (2) logistical conveniences such as practice time and location.

From a coach’s perspective, the placement and advancement of swimmers is also of great importance, but for somewhat different reasons. The Goal of the coach and the swim program is to provide the swimmer with the best possible opportunity to develop his or her fullest swimming potential. Also, given the diverse age and ability levels on the swim club, athletes must be grouped to facilitate maximum benefit from the practice environment.