Welcome to the home of the Dunlap Dolphins Swim Team! Our team is an age group and senior COMPETITIVE swimming team offering instruction, training and competition. Our site allows us to have our member information, registration, meet sign up, swimmers times, news and events all in one easy to use platform! If you are interested in swimming with us please check the New Swimmer Evaluations link for more information!


The Dunlap Dolphins Swim Team consists of 5 groups of swimming instruction and training:  

  • Bronze (previously Beginner)
  • Silver (previously Intermediate)
  • Gold (previously Intermediate - Advanced)
  • Platinum (previously Advanced)
  • Senior

Swimmers are placed into a group by coaches during evaluations to join our team.  The criteria for moving up to the next level have been defined by coaches and is on the sub tabs under Swim Groups.  

Move ups from group to group happen at specific times during our Swim Year.  Please see the Registration and Fees Policy under Team Information / Registration Forms for dates and more information.

ANY move to the next level on our team requires that a SPOT BE AVAILABLE in that next level!  Moves will NOT be made if there is no room  to advance, even if a swimmer has achieved the requirements for the next level.

Swimmers are encouraged to view the requirements to move up to the next level and use those in setting some of their goals for the current season.