Welcome to the home of the Dunlap Dolphins Swim Team! Our team is an age group and senior COMPETITIVE swimming team offering instruction, training and competition. Our site allows us to have our member information, registration, meet sign up, swimmers times, news and events all in one easy to use platform!

If you are interested in swimming with us please check the New Swimmer Evaluations link for more information!

  Dunlap Dolphins Swim Team


Teach, Train, and Motivate youth to develop leadership skills & good sportsmanship through swimming


Developing our athletes to be good leaders, students, citizens and team players  


     We believe in:  

  • Maintaining a Strong Work Ethic.
    • Achieving great things doesn’t come easily, excellence. requires a commitment
    • Even the most successful people make mistakes, learn from them
  • Treating Athletic Participation as a Privilege. 
    • Set high expectations of academic success
    •  Be mindful of how your actions in and out of the pool affect your teammates
  • Doing the Right Thing.
    • Act with integrity 
    • Value and reward sportsmanship, honesty and collegiality 
  • Giving Back.
    • Be generous with your expertise and time 
    • Mentor the next generation   

Goal 1:  To foster a culture of inclusion and increase DDST’s visibility
Goal 2:  To develop student-athletes for a life of success beyond athletics  
Goal 3:  To compete perennially for team championships  
Goal 4:  To adhere to the principles of fiscal responsibility
Goal 5:  To ensure an effective collaboration with District 323 and the community