Meet Information

Meets are a very important part of being a member of Delta Aquatics   

HOW TO ENTER A MEET: Click here to open directions

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Time Trials - The purpose of time trials is to have swimmers swim competitively within their age groups, trying to swim their best possible time in each stroke, or in all the strokes that they know at that time. The times posted are used by the coaches as an initial assessment and a starting point from which the swimmer can work to improve during the season. 
Time Trials is also training time for parents of new swimmers. Each parent will participate in one or more of the following functions during the course of Time Trials: timer, recorder, runner, scoreboard operator & announcer. Parents will be instructed on the “how to’s” before Time Trials begins, and then will be paired with an experienced parent during events to learn firsthand what is required in each function. This training will aid parents in fulfilling their required work obligations during the season.

How do I know what events my child is swimming in a meet?
If you have committed your swimmer to a swim meet and are anxious to see what races they will be swimming, here are the steps to view.  Usually coaches do meet entries 6-8 weeks before the meet.  Check regularly for any changes.

  • Sign In to the Delta Aquatics website. 
  • Go to Meets & Events > Sign up for Meets and find the Meet you wish to find entries for.
  • Click on the pink Edit Commitment button/tab.
  • You will now see all the information pertaining to this meet. Scroll down and you will see your child's entries. If you do not see anything it means the coach has not completed the entries yet. If you see "undeclared" it means you did not sign your child up for this particular meet. 
  • Once your coach has approved your swimmer’s events, they will display to the right of their name under the column called “Coach Approved".
  • Check back at this location to find your events for your chosen meets
  • You will want to have the event numbers/names along with you at the meet.  Either write them down, print the screen or select them, copy and paste into a document and print it

Helpful Documents

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Meet Resources 

Smart Phone Applications to see what meet events your child is in:  

  • OnDeck Parent (shows events from this website) : Login using "ildea" as Team Alias!
  • Meet Mobile (live meet data with paid subscription)
  • Deck Pass (USA swimming app)