Delta Aquatics’ First Ever Favorite SCY Swimming Event Championships

Jessica Bogie

Welcome to Delta Aquatics’ First Ever Favorite SCY Swimming Event Championships!

We are excited to have you join us for our first ever Favorite SCY Swimming Event contest! The available SCY events will go head to head, and in the end, one favorite event will emerge victorious.


Join in the fun by predicting the final winning events in your bracket entry as well as by voting along the way to determine which events will advance to the next round. Let’s get started!



We’ve paired USA Swimming SCY events into brackets and then the winner of each round will advance to compete against the winner from the adjacent bracket. Those two winners will next compete against each other, and then that winner will advance to compete against another winner. Each round of the process narrows down the competitors until there are 8, 4, 2, and finally one champion!



The winner of each pairing is determined by you, your teammates, coaches and parents! We encourage everyone to vote! Each round has its own set of voting, and whichever event in the pairing gets the most votes will advance to the next round. You don’t have to have submitted a prediction bracket to vote, anyone can vote in any or all of the rounds.


Voting rounds will continue until there are only two events left standing! After the voting closes for the final championship round, one final winner will be declared the overall “Favorite SCY Swimming Event” champion.



Using the Bracket form below, submit your predictions for the best event in each region (the Final Four), the finalists (the two events that won the semifinals), and the “Favorite SCY Event Champion” final winning event. 


Complete your bracket: March 16 by 11:55pm CST (Here is a printable bracket if you wanted to follow along with the winners.)




Everyone is invited to vote for their favorite events throughout the tournament. A link to vote is posted here for each round of voting. Voting will be open according to the following dates & times:




Points are awarded for each correct prediction, with 1 point per correct event in each round. The Delta Aquatics swimmer who has the highest total score based on their predictions will win a prize. If there is a tie, we will choose the earliest entry based on the time the brackets were submitted. There will also be other prizes awarded randomly to anyone who enters, so even if you guessed wrong, you can still win fun prizes!


The Favorite SCY Event & Overall Bracket Winner will be announced on March 24. 


Although coaches and parents are not eligible for prizes, they are encouraged to submit a bracket for bragging rights.