Practice Calendars

The Practice Calendars below contain practice dates/times/location for each of our training groups, meet information, social events, and team notifications.  They are set up as Google calendars, so it is able to be subscribed to your own electronic calendar.  Looking at the entire calendar for all groups can be a bit overwhelming, so we have designed it to be flexible for your family’s needs by linking individual calendars below.

Please SUBSCRIBE to the appropriate practice calendars below.

Practice schedules are subject to changes given our team needs and facilities’ availability, as approved by SD308.  See the FAQ below for more details about what you will see on the calendar.

Quick View Practice Schedule for All Groups

Recommended Practice Attendance
Fundamental 50%
Developmental 50%
Advanced 65%
Senior Prep 75%
Senior 85%

We don't have practice attendance requirements, but we definitely encourage a minimum number of practices per week. We recommend the above ideal attendance per group so that you can maintain realistic expectations of what your athlete will get out of the program, but nothing is required. The swimmers will get out of the program what they are willing and able to put in. Swimming is a sport in that you are really only getting better at it if you are doing it. There is a certain level of "feel" of the water that must be maintained on a weekly basis, as well as overall swim fitness. Riding your bike or going for a jog, unfortunately won't make you a better swimmer, though it can help with overall fitness. We offer three to six practices as week depending on the group in order to provide plenty of flexibility for young athletes to keep things balanced.

Swimmer attendance is available via the Parent On-Deck App (download via iTunes or Google Play).  It is not available via the website at this time. See below for helpful directions. 

FAQ’s Practice & Attendance

How often should I watch practice? 

What is expected of Delta Swimmers at practices?

  1. Arrive at pool 15 before your scheduled start time to dress and to stretch. This allows you to be ready for instruction so practice can start promptly.
  2. Be on deck SEATED and ready to go 15 minutes before practice is scheduled to start.
  3. Be at practice for the entire time.
  4. Set up your practice time mentally, come to swim, improve skills and work hard. Total effort builds better swimming!
  5. Learn to read the pace clocks.
  6. Dry off before you leave, pick up all of your equipment and dress for the weather!
  7. Do dry-land exercises vigorously.
  8. Read the website! Be sure you let your parents know if something new has been posted.
  9. Review the Practice Goals & Expectations.

What does it mean when the calendar is blank on a day I expected to see practice listed?

  • If it is a change in the normal schedule, we will write CANCELED or MODIFIED on the calendar to indicate the change made.
  • If there is No Practice offered that day but practice might be expected, we will write NO PRACTICE on the calendar.  You will typically see this written on holidays. 
  • If there is a meet on that day, then there is no practice offered. But because of the meet, we will not write anything on the calendar and instead leave it blank because there is something for the swim team happening on that day.
  • In other situations, the practice times for that day have not yet been finalized (taking into account events at the high school) and we may need need to modify practice times. Check the calendar again at a later date to determine the practice status.

What happens if there is severe weather?
In the event of sever weather, Delta will follow the lead of Oswego East High School & SD308. If SD308 cancels school & after school activities due to weather, we will be required to cancel practices as well. As soon as we receive confirmation from the district, we will post the information. If OEHS/SD308 allow us to operate a practice we will endeavor to do so. Please use your best judgement as to the weather and your family's travel needs during periods of inclement weather in the decision on whether to attend or not.  The Practice Calendars and email will always be your best source of last minute changes.  

How can I view my swimmer's practice attendance?

  1. Log-into the On-Deck app, using the same email address (username) and password you use to log in via a computer.  
  2. From the “menu”, click “attendance history”.   This brings you to a list of YOUR swimmers.  Click a swimmer to see their attendance listed by day.  If you have questions about your swimmer’s attendance, please email your swimmer's Coach.​
  3. To change the date range for viewing attendance: Click on the calendar at the top of the screen. Enter the date you wish to include in the range and click enter/done/ok. You should then see additional dates. 

Facility Use Policy:

Please keep in mind that we are guests of the facility in which we train and we endeavor to maintain a positive relationship with the school district by respecting their property and policies.

  • For the swimmers’ protection, all swimmers should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before practice and should be picked up no later than 15 minutes after practice.  We cannot guarantee that there will be a coach present outside of those times; Delta Aquatics and its’ coaching staff cannot be responsible for swimmers outside of this time frame. 
  • The pool deck area is for swimmers and coaches only. In an effort to minimize disruptions and distractions, we ask that parents observe practice from the bleacher area only and refrain from approaching a coach, swimmer or group during practice, unless for an emergency.
  • Swimmers are responsible for their own personal property and equipment; personal items should be properly labeled and stored/secured in a swim bag during practice. Delta Aquatics and Coaches are not responsible for lost or damaged personal items/equipment.