Illinois Swimming
Level 2
Excellence 200

Once you are enrolled in a Cyclones team program, you will be given login access to our team website,, where you will be able to register for swim meets, track your swimmers times/progress, and other valuable team news.  The team website is our main portal of information for all team families.

If you have registered for our team and have not yet received your login information, please contact the website administrator and provide the following information:

Parent/Guardian Name(s):
Parent/Guardian Mailing address:
Parent/Guardian email address (must be checked frequently):
Parent/Guardian contact phone number (1 required):
Swimmer(s) First Name:
Swimmer(s) Middle Name (please indicate * if your swimmer does not have a middle name):
Swimmer(s) Last Name
Swimmer(s) Date of Birth:
Swimmer(s) Sex:
Swimmer(s) level / group:

You will receive your login information once your registration is verified.  This process usually takes one business day or less.