Hello and Welcome to the Elmhurst Aquatics (EA) website.

We have created a website that we hope will be easier to navigate as well as provide your swimmer(s) and you more information about not only EA, but swimming and water polo in general.  Our website will be updated with new and added features throughout the year, so please make sure you check the website frequently. 

At the very top of all our pages are a few shortcuts to view our coaches and members directory, team store, shopping cart, as well as a site map.  If you are not registered and an active user of our website you will not have full access to the website.  Some sections will be blocked off.

By going through the various tabs you will begin to find additional information not only on EA, but also on various topics to assist swimmers to gain more knowledge on the sports of swimming and water polo.

Home is where you should start. Here on our main page you will be able to: register for our various programs, view information on upcoming events, view a list of our coaches, board members and volunteers.  You can also learn more about our social functions, important news, updates and the link to order your team gear. 

About – You will find general information about Elmhurst Aquatics.

Meets & Events – Here you find the list of all upcoming events - swim meets, water polo matches and social events.  This is also the location that as a volunteer you will be able to sign-up for the job of your choice. You will also be able to click on any specific event where you will find all of the information that includes the name of meet/match/event, names of athletes who have signed up for the event, location, maps, tentative time-schedules, meet packet information, results, and anything related to that specific event. Past events are also archived under this tab.

Just for Swimmers – This tab will give the swimmer additional information about pertinent topics.  Swimmers should check this tab often.

Team Records – Here you can chose a record to search. To narrow down a search use the appropriate search options.

Parents & Documents – All Board Members contribute information that is relayed to our athletes and families through our website.  Here you will be able to find the list of who these people are and how to connect with them with any questions you may have.  All of us welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions that you may have, so you should always feel free to reach out.  Other information found here are various forms and documents that you should get familiar with like the Parent Handbook, How to Volunteer, FAQ’s, Various Documents, Officials Information, etc.

Image Gallery – Enjoy the faces of our swimmers & water polo players, coaches and families at various meets, matches and events that are held throughout the year.  If you’re not an active member you will not have access to these photos.

Links – Want to learn more about USA Swimming, USA Water Polo, major meets/matches or check out articles from Splash Magazine?  Visit our links for a variety of information.

Calendar – The calendar is for EA's schedule of events.  Visit this tab often to view dates and times of meets, matches, clinics, practices and more.