EA has three primary Swim Sessions and three shorter subsidiary swim sessions which generally run from about the end of August or early September through mid- to late-July. Below is a list of some of the events EA has participated in over the past years. Events/dates change on Seasonal Schedules. In addition, other events could be added/deleted throughout the swim seasons.

Parents and swimmers alike should read the team newsletter and frequently check the team website, particularly focusing on the team calendar and team news.
End of Illinois Swimming Senior Championships, USA Swimming "Futures" meets, and Central Zone Championships. Junior Nationals and Nationals. Week One: Open registration for stroke clinic and swim season to returning swimmers from previous fall/winter season. Week Two: Open registration for returning members, stroke clinic/swim season registration opens to new swimmers. Parents interested in officiating should review Fall officiating clinics.
Stroke Clinic Sessions. Officials' training sessions take place through early October. EA's fiscal year ends.
EA's new fiscal year begins. Fall/Winter Season (sometimes referred to as the Short Course Season) begins with Session One taking place through late-November. New Parents Meetings. Family Open House. Swimsuit fittings. Flipper Meet. Michigan Swim Meet (larger weekend travel meet). Swim events during Fall/Winter season are run in what is known as the "short course" format, in a 25-yard pool with events of lengths that typically vary by age.
EA hosts a handful of Friday meets known as dual meets or time trials. EA also competes in the G.ILL.S. Pentathlon. The Fall/Winter Season contines through the conference and regional meets in February and state meets in March. 
EA hosts a dual meet or a time trials. EA hosts its Annual Holiday Extravaganza - ISI Weekend (Friday evening through Sunday afternoon). High School Girls Registration opens. EA Holiday Party. EA New Year’s Eve Swim Party. Winter break swim practices.
Winter break swim practices. EA will host dual meets or time trials. EA attends large road meets such as the Delta Winter Washout - Oswego or another meet in the metro area. EA also sends time-qualified swimmers to the Circle City Classic IUPUI in Indianapolis for another large weekend meet.
EA attends its last large road meet, typically the February Frenzy at West Chicago H.S. EA competes in the IV League Swimming Championships (our conference meet"). Time qualified swimmers compete in the Illinois Swimming Regional Championships at its assigned location. The Illinois Swimming Age Group Championship may occasionally begin at the end of February (time qualified swimmers). End of Fall/Winter Season (Short Course Season) for most swimmers. Parents interested in officiating should keep an eye out for clinic registration for clinics in April and May.
Illinois Swimming Age Group Championship. Illinois Swimming Senior Championship. Junior Nationals. 
End of Year Banquet and Voting for Board Members.
Off-Season swim session. Practice available based on space, age, times and participation in any meets before Summer Season. Stroke & Spring/Summer Registration opens for returning members. 1-2 weeks after registration for returning members, stroke clinic/swim season registration opens to new swimmers. Officiating clinics.
Off-Season Swim Session April into May. Officiating clinics. Stroke clinic begins. Irish Aquatics meet at Notre Dame (another large travel meet). Elmhurst Memorial Day Parade.
Summer Swim Season (often referred to as the "Long Course" Season) begins after the school year. "Long course" competition offers swimmers a chance to swim in a 50 meter pool in large road competitions that often occur outdoors and will sometimes occur indoors. EA hosts dual meets or time trials on Wednesdays in the short course racing format (25 yards). Swimmers over 13 may also elect to go on a camping/team building trip with activities operated by other organizations.
Summer Swim Season ("Long Course" Season) continues. Coaches Whiffle Ball Game. Dual meets and time trials continue on Wednesdays. St. Charles Endless Summer meet (50-meter outdoor pool). Illinois Swimming Regional Championships. IV League Swimming Championships (conference meet, 25 yard pool). Illinois Swimming Age Group Championships. Beginning of Illinois Swimming Senior Championships, USA Swimming "Futures" meets, and Central Zone Championships. (Junior Nationals and Nationals typically occur in August.)