If your athlete loves the water, has graduated from a lesson program, and has shown an interest in a swim team, we would love to help guide you through Elmhurst Aquatic’s registration process. 



These are usually held in August, September, March, and May.  We can hold additional midseason evaluations for transferring athletes. Please do not register for a practice group until your athlete has attended a New Member Night and has been assigned a practice group.


Fall/Winter 2022-2023 Evaluation Registration:

All athletes must be evaluated prior to joining. No athlete's registration will be approved without an evaluation.

July 19th - New Athlete Evaluation/Meet the Coaches - CLOSED



Coaches will be on deck evaluating your athlete’s current skill level to accurately place them in one of our practice groups in which they will thrive. They will be asked to perform formal swim strokes such as freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.  We are looking at their technique, not their speed. 

Please remember that all athletes must be comfortable, safe, and self-sufficient in deep water and can swim independently as coaches are not in the water during practices.  


6YRS TO 9YRS: Athletes will be asked to swim a couple of lengths (25yards) of freestyle with rotary breathing (to the side) and backstroke.  We will also ask them to blow nose bubbles, perform a front somersault, and do a sit or kneeling dive.  We may ask for additional skills and strokes (butterfly and breaststroke), depending on the athlete.  All athletes must be able to perform these requirements unassisted and must be comfortable in deep water.  


10YRS & OVER:  Athletes will be asked to swim at least 2 lengths of freestyle with rotary breathing (to the side) and backstroke.  We will also ask them to blow nose bubbles, perform a front somersault, and assess their ability to dive. They will also be asked to demonstrate 50 yards of butterfly and breaststroke to the best of their ability.  We may ask for additional skills, depending on the athlete.



Swimsuit (please no girls' 2 piece suits or tiebacks if your child can not tie them)


Cap or Hair Tie for long hair





BLUE - Swimmers will focus on the instructional development of all four strokes, racing skills, starts, and turns. Swimmers in this group will continue to learn the basics of competitive swimming throughout the season. Conditioning will be added as the group progresses. Meet participation is encouraged but not required. 

GREEN - Swimmers will focus on refining stroke technique and race strategy with the addition of a consistent conditioning program. In this group, practice habits such as understanding group dynamics, lane etiquette, and pace clock reading are a large focus. This group requires the swimmer to have an established stroke base focusing on the refine their stroke technique and skills. Race strategy will be added to their workout program. Competition in meets is highly encouraged or expected. 


  • August 1st – 15th – Priority registration for current EA swimmers to guarantee your swimmer’s roster spot. Roster assignments will be emailed prior to registration. 
  • August 15th   – Registration opens for new members that have attended NEW ATHLETE EVALUATIONS. At this time, roster spots for current swimmers are no longer guaranteed.  
  • September 12th – First day of 2022-2023 Short Course practices 



How long are practices?

Swim practices are usually about an hour for our blue groups and an hour or more for our green level groups. 


Do you have a minimum practice requirement? 

No, we encourage our athletes to have a wide variety of interests but there is a minimum number of practices recommended for the benefit of the athlete. 


Can my athlete come late or leave early?


Are there any other costs, equipment, or fees?

Fees paid in registration are just for practices.  Swim Meets are an additional fee and each meet sets its own pricepoint.  Many of our hosted swim meets are offered at no cost to our athletes.  Each athlete is asked to purchase a team suit, fins, and a kickboard.  Additional equipment may be required for older age groups. 


How do I sign up for a meet?

Each swim meet will have a registration window that you must RSVP in. Once a swim meet is closed, no more entries can occur. 


How long is a swim meet?

Time Trials and Dual Meets can be short - 2 or 3 hours.  Weekend meets are more extensive and each session can last for 4-5 hours.  


Does my athlete have to swim in meets?

No, but coaches will discuss and have an open dialog on why an athlete doesn’t want to compete?