EA participates in a number of meets during a season. We remain one of the area teams that regularly hosts home meets during the short course and the long course season. All but one of our meets is sanctioned by Illinois Swimming or by another state or regional organization chartered under USA Swimming. Sanctioned meets, properly run by the host club, are the only meets that allow a swimmer to obtain a recognized time.

Registration for Meets

Registration for meets is handled through the team website. On the Meets/Events page, swimmers will see a listing of the events for the season (some events will be listed later than others). Over time, the registration for the events will open and close. When registration opens, a parent may log in and select ATTEND/DECLINE and then proceed to register the swimmer(s) under the account for the event. Please commit to the meet and select the events (paying attention to the maximum number of events allowed and knowing that relays will be planned by coaches only). PLEASE insure that you have hit "SAVE" in the lower right portion of the registration box when you have finished so that your swimmer(s) register properly--otherwise, the swimmer(s) will remain unregistered. This same process applies for all meets in which EA participates.

EA Flipper Meet

The earliest meet of the season is the Flipper Meet. Flipper is a fun meet for the swimmers and parents alike, but it is NOT a sanctioned meet (meaning times do not get recorded with USA swimming). With a good deal of caution and salesmanship, the coaches and officials close the bleachers and all attendees will join us on deck (swimmers in one area and parents/fans in another). During the meet, the swimmers don flippers and the parents and swimmers both review and learn meet protocol. Parents, please expect to attend this meet unless it is absolutely beyond your ability. We train parents to be timers and deck volunteers, and we even give them a bit of a taste of what officiating is all about. Swimmers, please be attentive because you will learn how the meets run and how different kinds of starts are handled. 

EA Home Meets

EA is pleased to continue to offer home meets in a time when many teams are not as focused on continuing local competition. An EA home meet occurs at the York Aquatic Center and is either a dual meet with one other team or a time trial involving only EA members and limited, if any, other swimmers. These meets last about 3 hours. To participate in a home meet, a swimmer must log into their account and accept or decline the meet participation.

EA needs all parents to volunteer to work at home meets. EA will open up the volunteer sign up on the website for all home meets as soon as possible (usually 2 weeks in advance) so that parents can sign up for the time and date that they will volunteer. Please keep an eye on the website for the opening of volunteer scheduling for our Friday meets (opening in October), for our large December weekend-long meet (opening the first Monday after Thanksgiving) and for our summer Wednesday meets (currently opening Monday the week of the meet).


The second weekend of December is a great weekend for swimmers. Starting with longer events on Friday night and concluding Sunday afternoon, EA hosts its Holiday Extravaganza--a meet that draws approx 600-700 hundred swimmers from approximately 8-10 other swim clubs and their families and friends to Elmhurst. The number of participating swim teams varies from one year to the next. Additionally, all EA swimmers are registered for this meet. It is a DO NOT MISS kind of event. During the meet, all families must volunteer for at least two sessions, and are asked to donate materials for concessions and hospitality. We ask all families to display the pride and confidence we have in running a great meet at a terrific facility. Meet operations will vary from one year to the next depending on timing of the sessions. Time trials may or may not be available and relays may or may not be run. 


EA participates in many meets that it may or may not host. These meets include a Winter Conference Meet (typically near the end of February) and a Summer Conference Meet (typically the third week of July) as well as, regional meets (February and July) and state meets (February or March and July or August) for qualifying swimmers. We have had swimmers qualify and participate in zone meets and national meets as well. 

EA also competes in large meets hosted by swim clubs in other states. The past few years, we have been successful at meets in Michigan (October) open all swimmers, Indianapolis, Indiana (January, qualified swimmers only) and South Bend, Indiana (referred to often as the May Notre Dame meet). These meets may change and, occasionally, some of our swimmers will be seen swimming in still other large meets. 

On the more local level, each Fall, EA has competed in the Andrew Pentathlon (a November one-day meet where swimmers swim all four strokes and the individual medley) and its own large meet noted above. In January and February, there may be other local meets that span a weekend, such as meets in which EA has competed in Barrington, Elk Grove Village, Oswego and West Chicago. 

Registration for these meets is similar to the home meets with a few critical exceptions. Parents and swimmers MUST pay attention to team news in order to avoid missing the registration periods because there may be no flexibility at all once registration closes. Parents and swimmers also need to pay attention to time standards that can apply at some of these meets. 

EA encourages all swimmers and their families to participate in all meets where the team is competing. The deadlines for these meets are posted online. Some meet registration periods close as many as six weeks before the meet. The long-distance travel meets are fun for families, and they typically occur in pools such as the University of Notre Dame natatorium and the natatorium where nationals and even Olympic caliber meets are held in Indianapolis. Families will often do their best to plan team dinners and EA often attempts to identify a team hotel with more affordable rates.