USA Swimming

All EA swimmers must hold USA Swimming membership. This is included in your EA registration fee. To find out more about USA Swimming, go to

The USA Swimming website provides an enormous amount of information--almost too much--but the resource is valuable to everyone involved in swimming. Each swimmer should create a profile and have his or her own dedicated username and password. This will allow a swimmer access to most of the website, including the "My Deck Pass" system. My Deck Pass provides swimmers and parents a history of the swimmer's activities, times and meets. It is the single location where swimmers and parents can answer time and competition questions on their own. Additionally, the USA Swimming Website contains videos and articles helpful to swimmers and families, links and bios relating to the National Teams and more.

Within the USA Swimming website, Illinois Swimming operates the Illinois Swimming Portal--a resource for all of us that has information concerning many of the meets that occur in Illinois from state down to conference and on to other sanctioned meets. If you miss the posting of results at a meet, you can check under the Meet Results tab to see if the results are available.

As Olympic qualifying begins and through the coming Olympics, remember We Are One Team.