The Elmhurst Swim Team offers both stroke clinics and competitive swim programs throughout the year. A stroke clinic is offered prior to each of the competitive swim seasons. The clinics are offered to anyone from age 5 to 18. These clinics are not a learn to swim program. Each participant must be able to swim at least the length of the pool. The clinics are designed to refine and/or develop skills in each of the four swimming strokes. The competitive seasons continue to develop a swimmer's skills in the four stokes as well as for starts, turns, and finishes. The team participates in both dual meets and Illinois Swimming, Inc. (ISI) sanctioned meets. ISI is the local chapter of the USA Swimming organization. Participation in these meets are optional and up to the individual swimmer.

Programs offered:
Fall Stroke Clinic
Fall/Winter Team
Spring Stroke Clinic
Summer Team



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